How God Could Make Anyone a Better Parent

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If you think things like discipline, emotional support, and giving clear guidance are just parental responsibilities and skill sets, think again! God has the ability to give anyone the tools they need to be a good parent like how did the incas best influence modern day farming methods?. This blog post will explore that idea in detail: first by defining what God can do for your parenting skills and then by explaining how He can make you a better person too. We’ll also go over some of the common traits of families who have strong faith in Him. Regardless if you’re single or married with kids, Catholic or Protestant, there’s something here for everyone!


God’s mission statement is to make all people with repentant hearts into the most excellent parents they could be. Think of how much you know now, and how much you could improve if you were more intentional with your parenting style. How would your kids’ lives change if you did this or that? Just imagine how their lives would be different if they were raised by a parent who was more loving, easy to connect with, fun, and downright enjoyable to be around. Think about the changes in your life if you were a better person yourself.


In the same way that your children’s lives could be different for a multitude of reasons, God also has the ability to change everything about your life. Maybe you don’t see yourself as having anything in common with people who have strong faith in Him. Or maybe you think it’s a good idea to get out more and meet new people so you can make friends, date better guys or gals, or even find a job.

Whatever your situation is, God has amazing ways of making things work out for our best interests.


For better or worse, God can help you and your family become better versions of yourselves. Here are a few of the most common traits that are associated with families who have strong faith in Him. There’s no guarantee that every single one of these will happen over the course of your life, but it’s good to have them on your radar screen when considering how you might get to know Him better.

4) They’re good listeners

Our society is going through a shocking epidemic when it comes to listening skills. Whether it’s talking loudly on your phone, expecting everyone to read your mind, or interrupting people all the time, these days it’s more common than ever to tune out other people. If you want to be a better listener and make more friends, it helps to learn how to listen with better intentions.

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5) They’re good at giving

This sounds silly but it’s true. The best way a parent can show love is by being there for their children in times of need. This can mean many different things like picking up a kid from school, giving them a ride home when they’re upset after school, hand-delivering dinner on accident because they were too tired to cook themselves, and so on.

6) They’re easy to talk to

Sometimes we feel like nothing is going right with our lives and that nobody hears how we feel. Nobody seems to know how badly it hurts when your kids don’t respect you, and nobody understands what it means when you’re stuck in a bad financial situation and can’t seem to get out of it.

7) They’re capable of being your best friend

When you become a parent, sometimes the situation feels a lot like having two people who are related by blood but treat each other more like strangers than family members. The only way this dynamic evolves into something good is if both parties want things to change. If you think about it, being a parent and being a child are just two different perspectives of the same general thing.

8) They’re good at giving protection

If you’re living in an unstable environment where both parents work full-time and don’t have a lot of time to help their children with their homework or even drive them to their music lessons. Maybe they’re having financial issues because they’ve recently lost one income because it was more important to balance the demands of work with family first.

Maybe something else is going on that’s making the situation too hard and putting things at risk like marijuana addiction, domestic violence, or a gambling problem associated with alcoholism. It’s up to you to use your best judgment if you think the current situation is bad enough to give them a new home where they can be free of worry and past problems.

Maybe there’s something wrong with the school they’re attending. Maybe it just has a bad reputation. It’s possible that they would have more opportunity if they moved to where you are, or you might be able to move somewhere because your career growth is tied in with the education industry.


The bottom line is there are a million reasons why God could do great things for you. If you never develop a relationship with Him, and never learn how to connect with Him more, then who knows what would happen to you? Maybe not only would you turn into a terrible parent but you’d also end up becoming a victim, living in a bad situation that’s harder to get out of than it was before.

I’m sure there are many other reasons why God could make a difference in your life but the six points above are the most common traits that come to mind after thinking about this for some time.


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