Every designers should know these things about accessibility

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kelly sikkema v9FQR4tbIq8 unsplash

Do you design websites and apps which will be used by a wide range of people? 

Accessibility is a key factor in your design, even if it’s something that you don’t think about every time. 

Anony Max has some more information about every designers should know these things about accessibility

Learn the fundamentals of how to make your designs inclusive with this quick guide.

What is accessibility?

Accessibility refers to inclusive technology which helps people with disabilities get the most out of today’s digital world. Inclusive design for web and app developers helps create products that are beneficial for everyone no matter their physical or mental abilities. 

While many designers haven’t been educated on accessibility, they can still work to make their products more accessible and inclusively designed using simple practices and resources found around them today.

Why is accessibility important?

Accessibility is more than making it possible for customers to use your product. It’s about helping customers get the most out of your products, which makes them more attractive to both current and potential users. 

And if you want to grow your business, an accessible design can help that happen. 

For instance, a customer can log into your product and navigate it without any problems, which helps them find their way to important features and displays web content more clearly.

And as we know, customers don’t just buy products for the sake of using them. They also buy products because they want to use them as much as possible. 

Accessibility can help customers accomplish that by making it easier for them to perform tasks. For instance, an app user could create an account or choose their preferred settings without having to scroll through long lists of options or guessing at what they could mean.

Here are some points about every designers should know these things about accessibility-

1. Accessible design makes it easier for everyone

Accessibility is about making products easier for everyone to use. And if you want to build a successful business, you’ll need to make that easy for as many people as possible. 

So, unless you’re designing a Web or App intended only for a tiny group of users with special needs, accessibility is important. 

2. Design increases conversion and revenue 

If you want your business to grow, it’s important that your product can attract as many new customers as possible. 

And if those new customers don’t use your product as much as they would like – it’s likely because the product isn’t accessible enough. 

3. Test!

Don’t just rely on your own judgement. Make sure to test your product with people who have different disabilities. This will give you a better idea of what you need to change before putting it in front of real customers. 

You can also do this with other designers by showing them your product and getting their feedback so they can call out any accessibility problems they see.

4. Build an inclusive design process

Just because you, as the designer, are aware of accessibility doesn’t mean everyone else in your company will be too. 

If you want to build an inclusively designed product in a way that everyone can understand, you need to:

Write and communicate your inclusiveness goals in advance.

Have conversations about accessibility issues with all of the team members who will be building the product.

Embrace the idea of inclusive design by making it a part of your process from start to finish. Accessibility is not something you add on when you’re finished- it’s an ongoing process that occurs with every new feature and iteration. 

5. Invest in inclusive design

Inclusive design isn’t just a nice thing to do. It can significantly increase your conversion rate and encourage users to take advantage of more of your product’s features. 

The more accessible your product is, the more potential customers it can attract. And if you’re looking for ways to improve your business, there’s a good chance they may be a new customer.

6. Don’t forget about content accessibility

There are several types of accessibility issues which you should watch out for, including:

Lack of color contrast. This makes it difficult for some users to read your content.

This makes it difficult for some users to read your content. Lack of text alternatives. Don’t rely on images alone for content because this can cause problems for people who have low vision, use screen readers, or have other disabilities that keep them from being able to see images. 

If you use images as part of a navigation menu or as a way to display information, provide a text alternative as well.


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