Different Tips for Coming Up with a Business Name


There are many different ways to come up with a business name. 

The following 25 tips can help you choose a name that is both creative and memorable.

1. Brainstorm with a group of people. 

This can help you generate a lot of ideas in a short amount of time.

2. Use wordplay or puns. 

This can make your business name more unique and interesting.

3. Try to be descriptive. 

A good business name should give people an idea of what your company does or what products you sell.

4. Keep it simple. 

A complex name may be difficult for people to remember or spell correctly.

5. Avoid using initials. 

Unless your company’s initials are well-known (like IBM or ESPN), they’re likely to be confusing for potential customers.

6. Make sure the name is easy to pronounce. 

If people can’t say it, they probably won’t remember it.

7. Do a quick Google search. 

You want to make sure your chosen name isn’t already being used by someone else.

8. Check the domain availability. 

If you plan on having a website, you’ll need to make sure the corresponding domain name is available.

9. Consider possible trademarks. 

You don’t want to choose a name that could infringe on someone else’s trademark.

10. Get feedback from others. 

Ask family and friends what they think of your potential business names.

11. Try using a thesaurus. 

This can help you find different words with similar meanings.

12. Use a thesaurus or dictionary. 

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, looking up words in a thesaurus can help you find inspiration.

13. Try using alliteration. 

This is when two or more words in a phrase begin with the same letter (e.g., “Sally’s Sewing Supplies”).

14. Make a list of keywords. 

Think about what words best describe your business, product, or service. Then, try to incorporate these into your name.

15. Use an online name generator. 

There are a number of different name generators available online. Simply enter some keywords related to your business, and they’ll generate a list of possible names.

16. Try combining two words. 

This can create an interesting and unique name (e.g., “Facebook” or “LinkedIn”).

17. Use part of your own name. 

If you can’t seem to come up with anything else, using your own name is always an option.

18. Use a made-up word. 

If you want to be really creative, you can try inventing a new word altogether (e.g., “Google” or “Instagram”).

19. Try different spelling variations. 

You might be surprised at how many different ways you can spell common words.

20. Use initials. 

If you can’t decide on a full business name, you can always go with initials instead (e.g., “KFC” or “NASA”).

21. Add a prefix or suffix. 

Adding a word to the beginning or end of a word can create a new word with a different meaning (e.g., “YouTube” or “Craigslist”).

22. Use rhymes. 

This can make your business name more memorable and easier to say out loud.

23. Use acronyms. 

If your chosen business name is long or difficult to pronounce, you could try using an acronym instead (e.g., “AT&T” or “3M”).

24. Try different languages. 

If you’re looking for something truly unique, try using a word from a different language.

25. Keep it short. 

A shorter name is often easier for people to remember and say out loud.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, choosing the right name is essential to your success. By following these tips, you can find a name that is both creative and memorable.


These are some tips that can help you get good company name ideas. Keep in mind that the name you choose should be reflective of your business and what you do. It should be easy to remember and spell, and it should be something that will make people wants to learn more about your company. With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can find the perfect name for your business.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a business name. Try to be creative and descriptive, and make sure the name is easy to pronounce and remember. You should also do a quick Google search to see if the domain name is available, and check for possible trademarks. Finally, get feedback from others to see what they think of your potential names.


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