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Beginning in September 3302, pilots of small ships were able to salvage and collect the technology of the Thargoid species by scanning wreckage and hauling it back to a nearby Customs Office. 

This allowed scientists to investigate the recovered data with a much greater degree of understanding. While some are unable to be understood, they have revealed that they are part of a means-of-transmission technology. Salvage also contained other materials taken from wrecked ships, including weapons, armour plating and engines.

Here are some thargoid technology samples.

However, it is rumoured that this technology has been reverse engineered by human organisations such as Aegis with an eye towards turning them into military platforms for military purposes – Thargoids though seem not pleased about this development.

Here some points are discussed-

1. Reverse Engineering.

It is true that some of the projects are designed by human organisations to improve existing weapons, engines, armour and so on. But not all these technologies are “Military Platforms” as Thargoids indicate.

2. Instigation.

The issues with Thargoids may have been instigated by some of the human organisations that are part of Aegis Initiatives or other third party organisations that wants to disrupt the known space trade and colonisation for their own gains now or in future.

3. Thargoids.

So far it is clear that Thargoid in (1) are the ones being referred to here and not the Guardians. The reason being is that Thargoid as a species has been around for millions of years, while Guardians have just recently emerged in recent times. So there should have been no contact between the two before this time. 

Hence it’s clear that Guardian technology has nothing to do with reverse engineered Thargoid tech which is what these articles are about. But these technologies may refer to other “Guardian Technologies” discovered by other Sources and discussed under Guardian Structures or the Technology Module below. However, there are still no proven links between those and any “Guardian Tech”.

4. Unpleasant Start.

The “discovery and reverse engineering” of Thargoid technology has been an unpleasant start for many players. It also has caused a lot of disruption to the current trade networks and colonies, which was always one of Star Citizen’s objectives. So it would be best for Aegis to stop this activity in the interest of stability in the foreseeable future.

5. Thargoid Ships Salvage.

The presence of the Thargoid technology in a system is usually indicated by salvaged Thargoid ships, while their remains are normally scattered around. There have been rumours that these ships contain the technology for a Thargoid Sensor (which is not yet released), but no definite evidence has been found. 

However, the fact that there are no such rumours about salvaging Guardian Structures or Technology modules suggests that Thargoid technology is more complex in structure than the Guardian tech.

6. Delivery by NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

Tech Samples can be delivered to stations by NPC Hauler Ships, which will hand them over to the station’s local Customs Office upon arrival. This is the only way to get the technology.

7. Modules.

The Thargoid Technology Salvage contains additional components (which are not listed in the above article). These components come in a number of types, which may be related to ship modules or sensor technology. The types include: Power Plant, Shielding, Navigation, Coolant Control and Sensors. However, there is currently no known use for these types of technology and it would be best for Aegis if they were never released to non-paying players in the current state that they stand now.

8. Energy Plants.

All these recovered modules contain a new type of technology called an “Energy Plant”. This is not yet available to players and the only purpose it serves at present is to give the salvage more value through collection and delivery. It’s possible that it may be released in future versions of the game, but there are currently no known plans to do so. More details are given under Salvageable Wreckage.

9. The Black Markets.

The technology can be bought from a number of locations and services, including some AI criminal organisations. The amount of credits given for each unit depends on the type and quantity of the salvage collected, and is usually enough to allow players (including new exploration pilots) to upgrade their ships with all the components needed to fly in Thargoid space.

10. Salvaging Thargoids.

In popular culture, the Thargoids are an ancient race that have lived in deep space for thousands or millions of years. They are thought by many to be extinct or not sentient at all – so human ships encountering them should be treated with caution.


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