Is Definitive Arms still in business? Website no longer exists.

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istockphoto 1304921920 170667a

If you’ve been wondering if Definitive Arms is still in business, or if their website still exists, we found the answer and we’re happy to report that they’re doing just fine. They’re a small company that was around from 1999-2005 and specializes in making furniture for military barracks. 

Their website seems to have gone off-line about 7 years ago but they’ve maintained an active phone number and physical address on their contact page (listed at the bottom of this post). On their website they describe themselves as:

We are a military furniture manufacturer committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality products at the most affordable cost. We make just about everything from computer desks, storage units, and workstations to bunks and seats for military aircraft. 

Our commercial products include school lockers, security doors, and fire-proof wall panels. We make all of our furniture with pine wood that we mill in our production shop here in North Carolina.

Here some points are discussed about definitive arms out of business

1. Arms are real.

The Definitive Arms website was launched in 1999, and then went down for a long time (around 2007). It’s been up and down since then. This company is real and they do business as 

This was our main concern at first. It looked like the website had been hacked or taken down by Definitive Arms themselves, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

The website is still up and running, but the contact us page doesn’t have the phone number anymore. Definitive Arms still has an active physical address in the United States, which is listed at the bottom of this article.

2. Arms was a Military Furniture Manufacturer.

It is specialized in aircraft seating because of regulations (like FAA).The company’s website came to light after government records were released during a FOIA request about their work on a particular military project that was being considered for purchase of new military aircraft by some branch of the US military. 

After this record came to light and many people started asking questions about what they designed and manufactured all those years ago, Definitive Arms was kind enough to post together their entire catalog on their website.

3. Is their website still up?

Well, as far as we could tell, the Definitive Arms website is down. As mentioned before, the website still has an active physical address. So if you have an interest in looking at some of their furniture, there’s a good chance that you can get your own hands on it.

4. Positive Customer Reviews? 

Definitive Arms has made quite a few pieces of military-grade furniture over the years, and they’ve sold them to many different branches of our armed forces abroad. Lots of people have been satisfied with the quality of their products and their prices are certainly good enough for what they produce. 

Many more positive customer reviews can be found on the company’s Facebook page, and from many individual military barracks that have purchased Definitive Arm’s products.

5. What is the company doing now?

Today, Definitive Arms’ business is still going strong, producing lots of furniture designed for military needs, including bunks (bunk beds), benches, desks and other storage devices. If you want to purchase new furniture for your room or for your club, then Definitive Arms has just what you need. They also ship directly to military bases overseas, and are a great source for furniture for military barracks.

6. What’s next?

Definitive Arms will be working on other projects, like their new line of Lockers and Security Doors, as well as a line of commercial security doors to accompany the one they’re currently working on. You can check out their website to see some of their latest projects. They may or may not have a future in producing furniture for aircraft. That remains to be seen. Definitive Arms’ future plans will be announced soon.

7. Why did they close their website?

Once Definitive Arms was finished with designing, manufacturing and selling their military furniture line, they needed to move on to other things. They did not have time to keep updating the website, so it probably just got forgotten about over time. Other things have probably taken over and the website became a low priority for them as a company.


Definitive Arms is still in business, and they’re producing some of the best furniture you can get for military use. They have a physical address and phone number listed on their website if you want to call them up to place an order. You can even visit Definitive Arms’ headquarters in North Carolina to place your order in person.


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