Best dank memes of all time

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quaid lagan XUcS7cCyZbY unsplash

The concept was first coined by rapper Lil Peep on Instagram, which he described as “dank” due to its relative obscurity or uncommon interest. 

The term then became used to describe anything that is very good or “good enough”.

The dank relationship memes is a form of internet humor that has become popular in recent years.


The origin of the word “dank” is uncertain, but it can be traced back to rapper Lil Peep on his Instagram account. He posted the word “dank” on his personal Instagram account in April 2015, along with an emoji of a face with rolling eyes and a tongue sticking out. 

This post is most likely referencing cannabis, which has become increasingly more common in today’s music scene. The hashtag #Dank also appeared on Lil Peep’s posts once explaining that he smokes cannabis multiple times during the day.


The word then became adopted after receiving relatively large success across multiple social media sites when Lil Peep posted them on his personal Instagram account. 

The word then began to be used as a way to praise someone by using the emoji of a face expressing the feeling of being high on drugs. 

This then became a form of internet humor that has garnered a large amount of popularity among rappers and influential figures on the social media platform.

Viral Video

The word first began to spread through rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, who uploaded a video on his personal Instagram account entitled “Peep my dank memes”. 

In this video, Lil Uzi Vert talked about how he had been dank for many years, but was finally able to make it viral. The video then began to gain large amounts of popularity from many other rappers, which then resulted in the word “dank” being a popular internet term.

Here are some more points about best dank memes discussed of all time

1.Dank memes are very good for making people laugh. 

People who read or watch dank memes often find them to be extremely funny and entertaining, especially when they are unexpected. Dank memes are often full of surprises, jokes, and puns that end up being very amusing. 

The best dank memes are able to become incredibly popular, which is due to their ability to make people laugh. They are also able to be shared on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit where they can gain a large amount of attention.

2.Memes are also good for entertainment purposes. 

Some dank memes can make you laugh so hard that you might fall over, but the main reason they are so entertaining is because they make you laugh at something that you previously thought was very serious or important. 

They are able to bring people relief from the daily stresses that they deal with.

3.They are also good for starting conversations.

There are many types of dank memes, which means there are many different ways to view them. Depending on what you find funny, it may be impossible to tell what exactly the best dank memes are trying to say. 

Some of the most popular screenshots on Instagram consist of people making comments or asking questions about how something is said in a certain meme, which can result in not one but an entire conversation between multiple individuals all over social media platforms. 

This is why the best dank memes are also good for starting conversations or arguments because their meaning can be interpreted by two different people.

4.Memes are sometimes viral on social media platforms. 

There are many types of memes that can be sent to your friend or posted on your social media account, but the best dank memes usually appear online due to their larger than normal size, which means they are more likely to become viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube. 

Dank memes often go viral due to people commenting about their existence or sharing it with their friends, which then results in them appearing online for everyone to see.

5.Dank memes can be humorous or serious. 

There are many types of dank memes, and sometimes the meaning behind them can be serious or humorous. There are also many different types of dank memes that cover a wide variety of topics. 

Some cover the history of cannabis use in America, while others are about how people have used to have fun on social media platforms, instead of being so focused on being creative. 

Dank memes can also be political because they can reveal something that has not been previously exposed to the general public. 

This can result in people not understanding the meaning behind them, which can sometimes lead to the best dank memes becoming viral on their own.


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