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simon english 48nerZQCHgo unsplash

The  taiwan tech trek 2017 is an annual multi-day event that brings together some of the world’s most talented developers, entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe to exchange ideas and showcase their companies”.

What started as a small, local event in 2009 has grown to become one of the premier events on the Asian technology scene. In 2017 over 2400 people attended our events in Taipei. 

This blog post will go through all about what happened during this year’s trip.

Setting up a booth is not without its challenges. In fact, it can be pretty overwhelming the first time. 

So, to help get your feet wet and familiarize you with the process we decided to interview a few professionals within the conference. Today we talk to Jacqueline Xia and Joe Huang of Smartful (former Code Sense).

Here are some points about Taiwan tech trek

1. What are the challenges associated with running a booth?

The main challenge was getting everything set up for the booth. Most of the time we were there, we didn’t have enough materials and we had to rely on others such as sponsors such as smart crowd (former Code Sense) and summit partner to provide us with all materials needed.

Jacqueline: The main challenges were having enough materials and our own supplies. We did not have enough things to sell, nor did we bring any of our own products with us. 

We had not invested in any promotion or SEO (search engine optimization) tools either which made it hard for us to get more customers and customers that were willing to look at our booth. 

This affected us more than it would have done so otherwise because of the short amount of time we had to promote ourselves.

2. What is the best thing about running a booth at Taiwan tech trek?

The best thing about running a booth at Taiwan tech trek is the opportunity to meet the people you want to meet, and also have a lot of fun! It’s a great chance for you to network with people from all around the world.

Aside from meeting new people and networking, I believe that getting involved in this event was an overall good experience as I learned a lot from it as well as gained some valuable experience from it as well.

3. What are some of the main challenges faced by your companies?

One of our main challenges is finding investors for our product. We already have a finished product, but we cannot find an investor who knows how to market our products in the western market.

4. How did Taiwan tech trek help you overcome these challenges?

Taiwan tech trek helped us to market ourselves better and also get in contact with more people that can potentially hire us or invest in us. 

I think that Taiwan tech trek is an excellent event to showcase your company and its products, because there are many people who will be interested in your services/products and this event will get you closer to your goal(s).

5. What is the best thing about running a booth at Taiwan tech trek?

The best thing about running a booth at Taiwan tech trek is meeting new people and making new friends. 

This event helped me to get in contact with many more people and I am sure that we will get plenty of revenue from the customers we met and will be able to expand more and further into other markets.

6. What did you learn from the conference that you did not know before?

I think I learned a lot about marketing, introducing yourself, networking and many other things I didn’t realize before this event. Overall, I think it was one of the best ways to showcase my product or company and help network more efficiently.

From the government side, we’re very actively involved with events like these because it’s a way for us to showcase our technologies and attract foreign capital” ,

From Silicon Valley Comes To Taiwan – Michael Yip, Taipei Representative for U.S. Commercial Service| Ministry of Economic Affairs| Republic of China Government| Government Information Office| Trade Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Taiwan’s startup ecosystem is rapidly developing. It has a good startup ecosystem, including Google Launchpad, Microsoft BizSpark Plus, Startup Grind Taiwan, Taiwan Cloud Computing Association (TCCA), and several incubators such as Startupbootcamp Asia and CyberAgent. 

Its government is also doing a lot to support startups, such as the creation of foreign startup visa programs and the creation of Startup Sutra (formerly Startup Digest).


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