8 Amazing House Renovation Hacks

5 house
5 house

Ever wonder how homeowners make their house renovations look so much easier than they really are? It’s not just because they’re better at carpentry. The truth is, most people don’t realize that there are a ton of little tricks you can use to get a big job done faster, like learning how to calculate the amount of flooring or like house plans for bloxburg you need before buying it and being sure you have plenty of light bulbs on hand. 

Read on for some great tips!

1. Order Your Flooring First

It’s almost always better to have enough flooring than to have too much. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you are doing a whole-house renovation in which most of the flooring will be ripped up anyway, it makes sense to order just enough for the rooms you’re starting with so that you aren’t left with a bunch of extra carpet when you move on to the next phase. However, if your project is more in-depth and involves re-doing certain rooms but not others, then order more than you think you need. People often underestimate how much flooring they will need and end up having to buy more later or going through the hassle of returning what they don’t use. Measure the space you are covering to be sure you are ordering the correct amount.

2. Don’t Forget to Consider Light and Power

Many people don’t consider the need for extra light and power when re-doing a room. However, lights and outlets can add up to a significant percentage of your budget, especially if you have a big job that involves re-wiring or installing ceiling fans. Keep in mind that it’s usually cheaper to include these costs from the start rather than adding them later on after things have already begun.

3. Clean Up as You Work

Many people wait until the very end of their project to clean up. However, this is not the smartest way to manage your time or your money. Think about all the time you will save if you are able to finish work on a room and prepare it for painting in the same day rather than having to come back after working on other rooms. Also, think about how much paint you will need if you don’t have to clean off any dust before applying a fresh coat. If you are planning on carpeting a room, don’t forget that you need to vacuum beforehand as well.

4. Take Measurements

It’s easy to overestimate when you are starting from scratch. When you are working on a room, measure out the space where everything will go and then choose materials that will fit into that space. This will save time and money down the road if you have to return anything and it also prevents unnecessary waste. For example, if you buy a 22-inch door for your kitchen but find out afterward that it doesn’t quite fit into the space, it’s a lot easier to return it than it is to cut off parts of the hinges and door frame or get rid of all that extra material.

5 house

5. Organize Your Materials

A lot of people who do a huge amount of work at home don’t organize their tools and materials very well. This can be dangerous for both you and your equipment, as well as make later clean up much more difficult. When you are getting ready to start a big project, make sure you have the space to keep all of your tools where they won’t get damaged or dirty. You also want to keep them in an easy-to-reach location so that they are less likely to be misplaced while you are working on other things.

6. Think About the Future

When planning a room renovation, don’t just think about how it will look now. Do you want this room to be used for a future baby? If so, keep that in mind when you are designing a nursery or planning storage. Also, do you want to put a play area in your living room so that your kid can have friends over once he or she is old enough to play with other kids? If so, plan ahead and add an additional door on the other side of the room or decide on materials that will allow easy cleaning and make-up.

7. Count the Waste

It’s easy to underestimate how much waste you will produce. For example, when you are in the construction phase of your project, it can be tempting to just toss leftover material in a closet and forget about it. However, that material can quickly add up and if you are not careful, it could take up half of that closet. You don’t want to get to the end of a job only to find out that you don’t have any space left in your house for all those items you need somewhere else.

8. Take Your Time

This is a big one. We’re all caught up in the moment, but it’s important to take your time and plan everything out before you begin. When you are looking for materials for a project, think about how long it will take to get them and then figure out if you will be able to cut down on your workload by having someone else do the other portions of the job.


Don’t let these house renovation hacks fool you into thinking that they are quick and easy. Though some of the materials can be expensive, it is often worth it to take your time and plan ahead. Work with an experienced contractor who can take care of all the nitty-gritty details so that you have time to enjoy the process and get a great final product at a price you can afford.


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