10 Ways To Reinvent FARMERS

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In this blog post, we will be covering different ways to reinvent the already very creative FARMERS. Many people have a genuine curiosity and appreciation for their work, but not many are able to do it justice. We will be covering 10 different methods that can help with this issue. FARMERS like stardew valley farm name ideas is one of those memes that should not just be seen as a satirical joke, but rather an opportunity to leave your own mark on what has become somewhat of a cliche meme.

Reinventing the farmers in these ways:

1. A Goofy version

A very simple way to reinvent the meme is to use a goofy picture of your face or someone else’s face on top of or in place of the farmer’s head. This can be done by using a photo editing program such as: GIMP, Photoshop, Krita, MS Paint etc.

2. A different animal

There are a ton of different animals that can represent FARMERS. One of the most famous ones being the Bunny Farmers! You might be asking “what does this even mean?” Well it works like this: have an animal do something like surf on a wave, or roast some marshmallows while people mistake it for a farmer plowing and harvesting crops etc. This can result in a very comical combination.

3. Get Wet

Another great way to reinvent the meme is to use the FARMERS logo and pretend to be surfing on a wave with water splashing around you. These kinds of pictures are typically referred to as “Wet Farms” – but you can mix it up by wearing clothes instead of going underwater or having other people dressed like farmers in the photo with you while they’re hanging out on an island or something. This can be used in many different ways, such as making a funny picture of someone who was always complaining about how cold it was, but after taking off all their clothes and riding a wave are now enjoying the sun’s rays.

4. Milk your success

This is one of the most common ways to reinvent the meme. It simply means that you take a picture of yourself with a truck full of cows, or holding an actual cow saying “Look at me I’m so successful”. This can be done in many many different ways but the most simple one is just to have a picture of yourself looking happy and content while holding a cow or a truck full of cows.

5. The “Beef” method

This is a very simple, but still very effective way to reinvent the meme. All you do is replace the farmer’s head with that of an angry cow, and tape it to your own face using some animal tape or duck tape. This can be done with either a black or white cow depending on what color you want to be.

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6. The “Handsome” method

Pretty self explanatory, this is just a goofy looking human head photoshopped onto the farmer’s torso in order to make him look more attractive. Many people have tried this meme before and it has always worked well! This can also be done while making funny faces or sticking your tongue out if you are feeling adventurous!

7. The girl next door

This is a very simple one, but it still works really well. You can use this method to reinvent the meme by using a picture of yourself with a girl next door like an expression on your face. Or you can just take pictures of girls next door being awesome in general and use them as FARMERS!

8. The robot method

This one is another very simple way to reinvent the meme and can be done by simply taking a picture of yourself with your hands behind you while pretending to be an android taking orders from someone else. This kind of edits are great because they are so original since most people have never seen the Farmers head in anything other than the original form before.

9. The sea creature method

This is another very simple but very effective way to reinvent the meme. You can take a picture of yourself with any kind of sea creature like a dolphin or whale and stick it to your face making it look like you’re holding the head of a fish or the tail of a whale (like a mermaid). This can be done in many different ways, but this is probably one of the most original ones out there!

10. The duck version

This one is also very simple, but still works really well as it’s easily recognizable as FARMERS. This can be done by sticking your head in the bottom of a duck or having a duck holding your head up like it’s about to kiss you. This is one of the most original ways to reinvent the meme, as it looks so different from what everyone else is using.


There you have it! 10 different methods to reinvent the already pretty creative FARMERS. I hope I was able to share some of my own creativity and humor with you through this blog post. If you want to see any more articles like this then leave a comment below, or tell us what you’re going to do with your reinvention on your social media!


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