10 Amazing Facts About Casino Slots


Internet casinos are everywhere today. They offer a wide range of options for every category of punters. The most popular and beneficial option for gamblers is pokie machines. Such games have many advantages and suit even newbies. They allow making smaller stakes and winning generous rewards thanks to additional functions and significant jackpots.

Modern pokies are diverse. And in our article, we’re going to observe all their pros and the most exciting facts about this type of product.

 The Benefits of Online Pokies

There’re dozens of slots online casino reviews accessible on the Internet, which allow punters to assess various games and define the most advantageous for them. In general, pokie machines are a good choice for any punter due to the following benefits:

  • They are easy to play due to the understandable rules and gameplay
  • They are diverse because there’re many software developers, which create advanced pokies
  • They are fair because the outcomes are based on the RNG
  • They offer a reasonable RTP (it’s 96% on average)
  • They contain various functions (special tokens, additional rounds, bonus games, multipliers, progressive jackpots, etc.)
  • They offer diverse gaming mechanics (there’re different numbers of paylines and various payments systems)
  • They offer great accessibility (there’re mobile casino slots with no deposit, which can be played for free on any device)
  • They are devoted to various themes (there’re pokies with Egyptian, Greek, horror, fantasy, Chinese, and other themes).

In addition, today’s Internet casinos try to attract more customers due to the competitiveness of the industry. Thus, they offer various welcome bounties (match additions & free spins), and many of them can be used in certain slots.

The Most Exciting Facts

Pokies are very peculiar. They managed to win popularity among people over the globe despite the differences in mentality and even laws. There’re a few other interesting facts that punters would like to know about this game:

Slots are over 140 years oldThe first machines were created at the beginning of the 1880s in the USA. Surely, they were very simple and limited in their functions. But they are the true ancestors of modern Internet games.
The largest winning in slot machines was 39.7 million USDThe case happened at the Excalibur Casino. The Las Vegas gaming facility had to pay more than 39 million USD to the man from Los Angeles. He bet just 100 USD in the Megabucks pokie and managed to win a really significant prize. Thus, it proves that it’s still possible to win a casino.
Slots keep working even if no one’s playingThe gaming venue is to guarantee the fairness of the outcomes. To ensure it, pokie should constantly work. The tokens of the pokie are constantly changing even if nobody presses a spin button.
Internet slots have more generous payouts compared to land-based machinesIf we consider the RTP of real-life pokies, it is usually something between 80% and 90%. At the same time, online pokies offer a more generous percentage, which is 96% on average and might reach even 98%.
Slots don’t get cold/hotThere’s a common misconception that the pokie machine might get cold or hot after a few rounds. The truth is that the possibility of the results is always the same because the outcomes are random. Spins are not connected with each other.
Professional pokie players do existEven though slots are pure games of chance, there’re people who devote their lives to playing them. Of course, the desirable results can’t be reached with the help of skills. However, there’re people who are able to earn on pokies thanks to the well-thought betting strategies.
More than 90% of pokies are accessible on the InternetBeing one of the most famous games, pokies are accessible at the majority of land-based casinos. However, even gaming venues with the greatest number of slots (about 300) can’t compete with the number of pokies accessible at Internet casinos. At least the number of games created for online facilities is much greater.
Internet casinos never sleepAll the options accessible at online gaming venues are automated. It means that people are not required to support their functioning. Due to this, punters can play whenever they want.
The slot is a purely American English titleIn different countries, such games have different names. For instance, in the UK, punters call them fruit machines in most cases. In Scotland, they are referred to as puggies.
The greatest share of slots belongs to JapanThere’re many pokie machines located in the territory of the country. The facilities might be compared with well-known locations, such as Vegas or Atlantic City. The net profit for pokies (or Pachinko games) is higher than in Macau or Singapore.

Which Casino Slots Pay Best?

10 Amazing Facts About Casino Slots

The number of pokies is constantly growing because reputable developers try to do their best to integrate new technologies, add more exciting functions, and use advanced graphics. Besides, punters are looking for games with the most generous payouts. Let’s observe the pokies, which can offer the most generous payouts:

  • Enchanted Crystals by Play’n GO. The pokie offers a nice RTP of 97%. Punters can enjoy up to 243 ways to win. The chances to get a reward are high thanks to additional options – free spins (FSs) rounds, bonus games, multipliers, and special tokens.
  • Thrones of Persia by Tom Horn Gaming. The pokie has an extremely high RTP of 98.83%. The gameplay is simple (with just 20 lines), so the slot is perfect for newbies. There’re pleasant additional functions, such as FSs rounds, bonus games, multipliers, and special tokens.
  • San Quentin by Nolimit City. The game has an average RTP of 96.03%. However, the payouts are generous. The max prize in the pokie reaches 150,000x the stake. There’re many extra options, which boost the winnings.
  • Amazing Yu by Felix Gaming. The pokie’s RTP is 96.22%, which is a bit higher than average. The greatest reward is 2,000x the stake. Respins, multipliers, and special rounds will increase the winnings. The game itself is simple and understandable.
  • T-Rex by Realtime Gaming. It’s a beneficial slot with an RTP of 97.5%. In addition, it offers many extra functions, including a progressive jackpot.

Make certain to play the best payout games only at reliable venues such as Golden Lion casino. It will allow withdrawing funds without difficulties.


Online and land-based pokies are simple but extremely exciting games, which attract millions of punters. It’s important to consider all the characteristics of the slot before starting to play. It will allow gamblers to choose the most suitable and generous game.


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