Why The Marriage Bureau Has Been So Popular Till Now?

marriage bureau
marriage bureau

It is possible that you have visited a marriage bureau and were wondering how they can serve you. Well, they can’t! The institution of marriage bureaus in fact was made to serve the people who want to marry foreigners. When foreigners are instructed by their respective embassies abroad, they are advised to come to India for a formal marital registration ceremony. 

This also applies if an Indian citizen is living abroad too. Wedonweb divorce is one of the services offered by these marriage bureaus. If you have married a foreigner, you can be living in India for a long time and want to initiate divorce procedure. It can be done through the discretion of bureaus. If you want to be legally legally divorced within India, you must approach the Indian Courts for that purpose. 

The procedure required is quite complex and it may take months before the verdict comes into force. It is also not very easy to obtain a divorce deed because foreign countries don’t have any provision related to this issue. In this regard, marriage bureaus have been encouraging people by offering various services in order to help them get rid of any kind of problem related to their marital relations with foreigners.

Why Marriage Bureau Had Been So Popular Till Now :

1. Trust factor:

One of the most important reasons why marriage bureaus are so popular is that a lot of people trust them. Once you have chosen your partner, you may want him or her to be with you for life. It is hard to trust anyone, especially when it comes to relations and compatibility. For this reason, people go to marriage bureaus; they want help for partner selection. Bureau can help because its members double check all the documents and help in searching for a foreigner who suits you best. 

They also suggest suitable horoscopes too; these are important because it will be able to decide if any person will be compatible with someone else or not. The more important reason why people prefer bureaus is that they help people to introduce their life partner to the local community. It gives them a sense of identity and gives them a sense of belonging.

2. Time saving:

When you go to marriage bureaus for selection, it saves you time. At the same time, it saves your heart from the pain of long-standing “ignored” relationships with your partner. Most importantly, there are no complications related to weddings as it is done through the marriage bureau. 

If there are any problems in the marriage then you can approach a marriage bureau for legal divorce procedure in India. It will be a matter of a few days before the mediation process starts. After the mediation, you can receive a document stating that “separation has taken place”. In this case, you will receive all the necessary documents as per law.

3. Marriage certificate:

This is one of the most important benefits of marriage bureaus. You will get a certificate written in your own name which states that you are married to a foreigner and it also includes your details like name, country, passport number etc. It is very useful in case of passports. You will not have to wear two passports while traveling abroad or while coming to India.

4. Cost:

You need not spend much money for any of the services offered by marriage bureaus. On the other hand, you also don’t have to pay for anything that you do not want to. The cost of “marriage certificate” is approximately Rs 300/person, but there are many bureaus who are offering the same service for free from their websites.

5. Online application:

It is easy to apply for marriage through a marriage bureau as it has an online registration facility on its website and then people can search their favourite foreigners on it too. After searching, they can contact their partner through the help of marriage bureau.

6. No family problem:

Most of the ladies find it difficult to discuss their marriage issues with their parents. They are also hesitating because they don’t want to receive any kind of criticism from them. The same is applicable for husbands too. They don’t like to discuss their problems in front of the whole family. 

Both of them fear that if they do so, there will be unwanted comments and criticisms made by other members of the family. For this reason, only two people are involved in a “marriage”. Marriage bureaus help in everything related to marriage; even visa regulations can be handled by these bureaus too on certain conditions.

7. Percentage of foreigners:

Marriage bureaus are a good place to find out the percentage of foreigners in your city. In this way, you can decide on which country to look for your partner. If you are living in another country, you may want to go through the government channels to get a visa but it is not possible if you want to go through marriage bureaus.


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