Why Should Your Child Take CogAT?

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Why is CogAT essential for children? We have the answer. The CogAT isn’t any random test taken at school. To learn about its validity, reliability, score interpretations, preparation, criteria, and everything else, continue to read below. 

What is the CogAT test?

The cogAT test stands for Cognitive Abilities Test. This test aims to judge cognitive development among students. It is often used to understand a child’s abilities and to provide appropriate support through gifted programs. CogAT is for grades 3-12. 

 Why is the CogAT important?

Oftentimes, parents wonder if taking this test is important for their children. The answer is yes  it is important. This test judges students’ skills in different fields that correlate with academic excellence. 

The cogAT test results throw a light on the cognitive abilities of the students, their capacity to learn new tasks and solve problems. In fact, the Cognitive Abilities Test measures three different cognitive abilities of students. 

  • There’s a verbal section that tests a student’s memory power. Here, changing word sequences in English is often given as an exercise. This test undoubtedly helps to understand their verbal faculty and make inferences accordingly. 
  • The test also includes a quantitative section that tests the child’s understanding capacity of fundamental relations and quantitative terms. 
  • To test the reasoning capacity of children, a nonverbal section is included as well. It also checks if the child understands geometric shapes. 

How do Schools use the CogAT Results? 

The CogAT test is indeed useful not only for students but also for schools. Schools consider the CogAT test result as a determining factor for students’ admissions. The cogAT test incorporates different tests together. The result of this test might impact the student’s perception and enrichment opportunities. 

The importance of the CogAT test is often debated. Some say this test is just like a standard test and doesn’t affect where students are placed. However, some put immense emphasis on this test. It’s hence important to understand why schools give so much importance to this test. Let’s go through the reasons below. 

  • A few schools organize the cogAT test to detect students with high scores and identify them for gifted programs at school and district level. For instance, a few top-ranking students can be taught in-depth math concepts once a week. 
  • Some schools use the test to put students on an altogether different track and inspire them to adopt an accelerated learning process. 

Preparation for the cogAT test

If you, too, are planning to prepare your child for the CogAT test, help him with cogat test prep l. The best way to prepare for CogAT is by solving a cogAT practice paper. It gives a basic knowledge of the structure of the question paper and the difficulty level. Remember that the CogAT test is nothing like the standard academic tests that students take. The more your child is prepared for the test, the better will be her result. 

Useful tips on cogAT Practice Test Prep

Below are some valuable tips for your cogAT test prep. Keep them in mind while preparing: 

  • Make sure you enjoy solving the questions. The test practice is supposed to be fun. 
  • The test practice paper must be solved by students of the specific age group that it was made for. 
  • If you have answered any question incorrectly, address it right away. If you are a parent checking the answer script, do not panic or shout. 
  • Don’t deprive yourself of sleep, especially when the date of the test is approaching. 
  • Sit for the test with a full stomach. Have a healthy breakfast and don’t stress. 
  • Parents must encourage their children to give their best. There shouldn’t be unrealistic expectations.

Should parents allow their children to sit for the cogAT test?

The burning question here is whether parents should allow students to take the cogAT examination. Well, considering its importance and usefulness, every aspiring student needs to take the test. The result would show their strengths and weaknesses. Hence, you would know the areas that you have to focus on more.


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