Why Celebrities Are Obsessed With Cuisines

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If you’re a celebrity, your eating habits are considered public knowledge of interview semil shah vc miamiharibhakti. Every word you say about food is scrutinized to the point where people can’t help but wonder: ‘why so much?’. The answer isn’t complicated: A gourmet diet adds a touch of authenticity to a person’s persona.

Sure, it’s easy enough to slap on an expensive suit and call it an outfit, but when someone throws down on high-end food with as much determination and gusto as they do their lavish purchases, they’re automatically labeled with the prestigious title of ‘foodie’. You can’t fake that kind of knowledge or appreciation.

1. Ryan Gosling

The classic case of no-frills Americana, Ryan Gosling’s favorite spots are based on the kind of food your parents know how to cook. This means meatloaf is a go-to, followed by Mom’s apple pie for dessert. His favorite restaurant, however, is a little more fancy: New York burger joint Patty Burger (which actually boasts a pretty decent reputation). Although he hasn’t had the opportunity to sample the wares of its inspiration — famed NYC diner Shake Shack — he does enjoy the older classic. 

2. Jennifer Lawrence

The Oscar winner eats like a typical American, but only with very specific foods. If she’s not dining on fried chicken, she’s probably diving into some barbecue. Like Ryan Gosling, she also seems to be partial to a burger joint, in her case one that serves the meaty goodness of a juicy cheeseburger. Another actress who loves the classics, Jennifer Lawrence is partial to steak and chips. In particular, she frequents The Cheesecake Factory, which offers classic American dishes at affordable prices.

3. Pharrell Williams

The modern day Norman Rockwell has a big affinity for food and fine dining. Although he’s more partial to “upscale” burgers, Pharrell has been known to venture into more out-of-the-way spots as well, like a recent meal at “an authentic Italian restaurant” he discovered in London (which actually served fancy Italian cuisine). His favorite meal isn’t all that far from the norm either: a burger from Five Guys . Yes, that Five Guys . 

4. Benedict Cumberbatch

The star of BBC’s Sherlock, who also has a role as Marvel’s Doctor Strange, was seen enjoying lunch at London kebab shop Kismet , which is known for its quality meats and vibrant atmosphere. Known for his serious acting chops, Benedict Cumberbatch is also known as one of the biggest foodies in Hollywood. While he’s fond of fancy desserts like chocolate lava cake, it’s actually a more ordinary meal that he can’t get enough of: “I love fish and chips,” he told press shortly after starring in The Hobbit. 

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5. Taylor Swift

While Taylor Swift is known for her hit eponymous album and singing about exes, she’s also known for being a fan of the fast food chain, Shake Shack. One of the most famous foodies on this list is also one of the most interesting. Not only does Taylor Swift host star-studded holiday dinners , but she’s also an avid baker who has amassed quite a collection of cookbooks . She’s been known to bake everything from cupcakes to Jell-O.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow loves to cook in her free time. She’s even taken it to the next level and had a cooking show (though it didn’t last long). While she’s certainly no slouch when it comes to picking out restaurants, she doesn’t have one particular place that she frequents in particular, instead choosing to try out new places on a whim. You’ve heard of PB&J, but how about PB&FM? Sounds a lot fancier than it is: Paltrow likes to eat peanut butter and frozen bananas for breakfast.

7. Cameron Diaz

The other famous P.B.& J enthusiast, Cameron Diaz is also partial to peanut butter and banana sandwiches, plus the occasional pig-in-a-blanket. Cameron Diaz may be known for her good looks, but she manages to keep herself in shape by eating well (well, most of the time). She’s been spotted at tons of trendy restaurants — especially those that serve up vegan cuisine — but her favorite spot is actually Panera , a chain famous for its salads.

8. Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is the kind of guy who can be seen at the trendiest restaurants wearing his most trendy outfit. However, he doesn’t always go all out. As the host of Watch What Happens Live , Andy Cohen’s always thinking about food — especially when he’s talking about it on TV. He’s also a frequenter of hip restaurants, but his favorite spot is actually an old-fashioned deli. In his words: “I love Carnegie in NYC. Great sandwiches!”


If you’re looking for a reliable meat supplier, then you’ve come to the right place. Famous people have been known to have a penchant for fine dining. Celebrities aren’t known for their culinary acumen, but you can’t deny they know something about food. Even so, they are just like us: They know where to find good eats (and sometimes not-so-good eats), and they’re willing to spend money on them. It’s only reasonable that we do the same.


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