Which of the following statements regarding the firewire standard is accurate?

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istockphoto 1304231669 170667a 1

The stand featured in question has a flexible, yet sturdy, metal substance. 

Although this substance may have certain weaknesses when compared with traditional robots, it does not outperform them when it comes to providing stability or strength to the user. 

The answer is discussed here about which statement regarding the firewire standard is accurate?

Here are some points discussed about the statement regarding the Firewire stand

1. Firewire stands may lack some of the flexibility of traditional robots.

The firewire stand is discussed in this statement. The word “however” indicates that there will be contrast between the two robots. The metal substance can be more flexible than the metal substance used in traditional robots. 

This point is not justified because it is not indicated by the text. In fact, because it is made out of a flexible yet sturdy metal, it may provide greater stability and strength to its users than traditional robots could ever have.” 

2. The flexible nature of the stand can provide greater versatility.

This is maybe true because the metal used in the firewire stand contains less metallic material than traditional robots. 

However, this statement is not supported by text or figures given in the text. What this means is that although the Firewire robot’s material is more flexible than traditional robots, it is no more versatile than them.” 

Therefore, although X has greater flexibility, Y has greater versatility” is the correct answer given by the text.

3. It is the strength of the stand that matters more than its flexibility.

This point is not supported by the statements given in the text. This seems to be a very illogical conclusion because if a more flexible material can provide stability and strength to a robot, then a more traditional robot will be able to provide it too. Which means that this statement is false.” 

4. The above statements are true for traditional robots but not for Firewire robots.

The above statements are not supported by any of the statements given in the text. In fact, it is quite opposite to the statements given in the text because a more traditional robot will have a more rigid material and therefore greater stability and strength.” 

In fact, those points have been summed up as follows-

In order to conclude the above points, some logical assumptions have been made as follows-

  • In order to provide stability and strength to a robot, its material should be as strong as possible. However, the flexibility of its material will directly affect its versatility. 

A more flexible material can provide more mobility to a robot without compromising on stability or strength.” 

  • The firewire stand has a rigid but flexible metal substance. It does not perform very well compared to traditional robots, but it is still more flexible than metal robots. 

So this statement is not supported by the text. Although it may be flexible and strong, it cannot compete with traditional robots.” 

  • Firewire robots has a rigid and strong material. However, the author argues that this material is unnecessarily less flexible than traditional robots and therefore unnecessarily restricted for its users’ mobility. 

Otherwise, the writer claims that firewire will outperform traditional robotics by performing more versatility than them.” 

4. Firewire has greater versatility because it is less limited than traditional robots.

The above statement is not supported by any of the figures or text given in the text. This means that the firewire robot cannot provide the same level of versatility as traditional robots can.” 

5. In traditional robots, the material is more rigid.

This statement is irrelevant because the author compares a robot to a human being and therefore this statement cannot be used to analyze a robot’s material.” 

However, this argument proves that when humans perform activities such as walking, running or jumping they need strong, rigid materials in order to do so. 

They need strong supportive shoes when they run or jump. This means that traditional robots with rigid and strong materials will need the same kind of support to perform their duties.” 

6. Flexibility of a material is an important factor in determining versatility.

This statement proves that flexibility of a material can provide greater versatility to a robot. This means that it will be able to do more activities than less flexible materials.” 

Although there is not much difference between traditional robotic materials and the material used in the firewire stand, it has been proven by experts that there are certain benefits for using firewire stand over wooden robots.


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