What are the Benefits of Hiring React Native Developers

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Delivering exceptional and high-quality user experience, native app development is a term that’s referring to mobile app building exclusively for one single platform. So this application development is done only with the programming languages, just as with the tools that are only specific to that platform. The reference is the following – let’s say you’d like to develop an iOS application. You’d use Objective-C and Swift, right? 

As we mentioned before, the native apps usually offer higher performance, keeping in mind that all the visuals are tailor-made, especially to the specific platform’s UX. This means that the user experience is super-enhanced. 

Because of how time-consuming the native mobile application development is, the requirement to focus on all different platforms, and keeping in mind that many startups are worried about the native application development’s high costs, React Native has become a successful alternative.  

Precisely because of those reasons that we’ve mentioned above there has been a significant rise in the demand of React Native developers for hire.

What is React Native?

Developed by Facebook, React Native is another open-source framework designed to develop native mobile applications using JavaScript. As a result, apps can be similarly created using Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS.

Moreover, React Native is an exciting framework that endorses further use of JavaScript and gives web developers the freedom to create robust mobile apps using their pre-existing JS knowledge. Offering extraordinary ways to enable efficient code sharing over different platforms such as iOS, and Android, resulting in much faster mobile development. 

Based on JSX, a well-known JavaScript extension, React Native has the same principles in place for iOS and Android regarding the different elements such as the layout engine and stateful components, among others. 

Is React and React Native The Same? 

It’s important to note that React Native is not the newer version of React. However, both use the same design, which lets you create a rich mobile User Interface from the declarative elements.

Although, they’re pretty similar in how they’ve been built as a mix of the syntax extension to JavaScript – JSX, and JavaScript itself, one of the key differences between both is that React Native will allow the developer to use the native mobile UI elements, whereas React uses HTML and CSS. 

React Native is a Trusted Tech

The big tech companies employ React Native.. Another reason it has gained everyone’s trust is because it is based on the most popular programming language, JavaScript.

In comparison to traditional native app development alternatives, it has the following technical advantages:

  • Between Android and iOS, 95% of the codebase is shared.
  • Business logic can be shared throughout web applications.
  • It is entirely possible to share front-end code between Android and iOS devices.
  • Between the two operating systems, there is a high level of code reuse.

You can host the bundle on your own server and perform OTA updates without having to wait for approval from the app store.

Less Complicated Interface

  •  Developers can utilize the platform to create web-based mobile apps.
  • React apps can be made with web programming skills and experience.
  • For multiple platforms, the same code can be reused or updated. Businesses have a lot of room to grow because of this.
  • For your business, cross platform apps that are totally native can be produced.
  • With cross platform app development, you may save time and money on maintenance.
  • Developers do not need to learn new languages because it is built on JSX.
  • During the app development process, it is easier to test new features.
  • To design a UI with React Native, you don’t need to write a lot of lines of code or classes. It just necessitates the use of component names and property declarations.
  • The framework enables you to create apps for both Android and iOS platforms on a shoestring budget.
  • Mobile apps can be created by front end developers who are familiar with JavaScript.

A JavaScript developer who understands design patterns, APIs, and native UI elements can use it to create apps. In reality, native UI components can be added to an existing mobile app to improve its usability. It takes less time to create and distribute updates.

Agility and Quickness

Instagram is a great React Native app to look at. The following are a few more examples:

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Townske
  3. Facebook Ads

React Native apps aid in the agility and speed of your app. They are quick to respond and provide an amazing customer experience. Execution and screen rendering are faster than with other frameworks.

Using react native development services allows you to construct apps that provide you a competitive advantage. You’ll be able to expand your business more easily and generate more leads and sales. As a result, there are numerous reasons to invest in this development platform. Even if you already have apps, upgrading them can be beneficial.


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