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Who needs to load up on expensive plane tickets or spend hours waiting in line for the chance to spend a day at the Big Apple? 

New Yorkers know how to keep it low-key, and they’re sharing their Manhattan moments with the world via Twitter. 

Follow these top tweets for some of the best of today New York City has to offer.

For more than two years now, New Yorkers have been tweeting their daily Manhattan moments. 

It’s an eclectic mix of shots, from historical landmarks like One World Trade Center and Times Square

 to people eating pizza on stoops or watching llama caravans go by on 23rd Street. 

“@NewYorkCity is packed with something for everybody.

 With five boroughs and an endless list of activities, there’s no reason to travel abroad. NYC is the world,” says New Yorker and Twitter user @lilthistle.

From vibrant shots of New York City to personal travels and adventures, here are some of the best tweets from the past year to get you ready for your next visit.


As the social network that connects us all,

 we wanted to share a big thank you to all of our New York City Twitter users and explore their special moments via photos and videos. 

Featuring some of the top Tweeters from the past year, this video showcases all they have to offer. 

From iconic landmarks to personal adventures, their Tweets are a sampling of life in the city that never sleeps.

Starting out with a shot of the Empire State Building, this video takes viewers across Manhattan. 

Locations include Central Park, Times Square, Chinatown and more. 

A montage of individuals contribute shots into this ever-expanding collection of tweets about New York City. 

Whether you’re a New Yorker or not, it’s worth one more minute of your day to take a look and give these folks a follow.

(Source: Twitter)

According to Twitter’s blog, the top three topics worldwide on May 3rd were:

 1)  World Cup Debate (17%) 2)  #MayPac (14%) 3)  #LoveIsland (10%).

The top three hashtags worldwide on May 4th were: 1)  #WorldCup2018 (22%) 2)  #ImACeleb (14%) 3) #LoveIsland (10%).

Twitter users in the U.S. make more than 400 million Tweets each day (out of nearly 300 million worldwide). 

Each tweet is an opportunity to engage with the world, especially

 when it comes to sharing everyday moments or experiences with friends and family.

 New Yorkers do it bigger than anyone else in the world, yet they manage to keep their Tweets real.

This innovative campaign is New York City’s first-of-its-kind Twitter presence that captures the vibrancy of the city via visual storytelling. 

Featuring people from all walks of life — ranging from bartenders to diplomats —

 our video captures 20-second clips of New Yorkers doing their thing on a daily basis.

 These clips are fully branded, but authentically capture the life of New Yorkers on their terms.

The everyday moments captured in the video are meant to be raw, authentic and real.

 The goal is to showcase the fabric of the Big Apple with authenticity and imagery that captures iconic New York City moments. 

The end result is an organic social engagement campaign that gives people a peek into the lives of New Yorkers they might not otherwise know.

This video was created by letting our global community share videos about what makes New York City great, using #NYCgreatsies .

These stories will be shown on screens across Times Square from August 20th- August 24th.

All videos will be curated from our Twitter page. The project will be organized by Mocean Studios and its Founder, Eliza Shapiro.

 Eliza states that the company is “thrilled to curate this incredible collection of content for display in Times Square!” 

The campaign was created by Twitter’s New York City team with the help of Kate Walsh & Chris Lowder, 

a creative agency based in New York City. They took the 12 most Tweeted about 

#NYCgreatsies from around the world and came up with a unique way to showcase the heart and soul of New York City in one 30-minute video. 

This video is a re-edited version of a TV show segment in which Kate Walsh goes to New York City to meet some of the top Twitterers in the world. 

This episode will be updated with new content on YouTube and Facebook each week, taking viewers behind-the-scenes with our favorite Tweeps. 

The Buzzfeed team created this series of videos that highlight real

 New Yorkers like them doing real life things like falling into pigeon holes (seriously) or falling down (really). 

The Social Animals project was created by Twitter to generate awareness, engagement and conversation about this great city that never sleeps. nowadays nyc

Twitter collaborated with the New York City Department of Transportation to create a series of Tweets highlighting one aspect of city life each day. 


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