Top e commerce sites in japan

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Japan is a great place to shop for everything from exotic delicacies to the newest, hottest trends. 

If you’re looking for specific types of stores or brands, you can check out these guides to Japan’s top e-commerce sites.

If you’re visiting Japan and want some online shopping tips before your trip, we made a list of the best places and products for visitors and locals alike.

 For instance, if you’re looking for Japanese food and snacks, check out 

They have a massive selection of Japanese groceries and other products that will make your mouth water after seeing what you can get shipped to your home country.

Here is a list of top e-commerce sites of Japan.

Top e-commerce sites in japan :


Looking for something particular to impress your Japanese friend? Try checking out, which has everything from kimonos and other traditional Japanese items to beauty products and other cool stuff. 

With so many items, you’ll definitely find something to meet your needs while staying in Japan.


Shipping apps such as AliExpress and Wish are great resources for finding unique and trendy gifts at reasonable prices. 

Plus, they can help you get the best deals on things that you need while visiting Japan.


Yahoo! Japan is a great resource for all things culture, shopping and entertainment in Japan as well as other Asian countries (such as China and Korea). 

It makes shopping online convenient and easy with the use of their secure payment gateway. It’s also a great place to find out what’s happening in your area, such as where the best restaurants and bars are located and which electronic shops sell the newest items (and who has the cheapest prices).


Goclever is a useful service for travelers who have to pay international shipping fees on anything from clothes to food. 

By creating an account at, you can easily customize your shipment according to your payment plan so you don’t have to worry about paying the high shipping prices.


Japanese shoppers are an avid fan of Apple products, so if you’re looking to buy something cool—whether it be an iPhone, iPad or Macbook—make sure you check out Apple Japan!

 They have everything from the newest Apple gadgets to accessories designed just for the Osaka region.

 You can also find popular brands such as Seiko and Uniqlo in their stores, which are a popular choice among visitors who are staying for a short-term trip.


Amazon Japan is a great place to get all your favorite Japanese foods and snacks from the comfort of your home. 

For those who find it hard to find delicious, authentic Japanese food outside of Japan, you can search for a recipe and try making it yourself!

 Plus, if you’re going to be going on a trip soon, there’s nothing better than buying some pre-packaged boxed meals that will save you time and money during your flight.


If you’re planning a trip to Japan soon, this website provides valuable information regarding different places in Japan.

 It helps you plan out your trip and learn about the best places in each prefecture and what to expect in each region.


Uniqlo is a clothing brand that was born in Japan and has made its name all over the world for their high quality, great fitting clothes that are sold at affordable prices.

 They have a number of shops all over Japan where you can pick up clothes that will allow you to fit right in when walking the streets of Tokyo or Osaka. Don’t forget to stop by one of their stores if you’re planning on visiting!


Lonely Planet Japan is a useful guide that will teach you all about the culture and history of Japan. From how to use a squat toilet to navigating your way around the food section, it covers everything from vital information to temporary phone numbers to local police stations.

 It’s also great for those who want to go on a long trip so they can use the different map categories for their specific areas.

 You can also learn how to read Kanji characters as well as simple phrases that you can use when ordering food or going on tours.


If you’re looking to buy unique Japanese goods for your trip, then BombardaO is a great place to start your search. The site features thousands of cool and trendy products that will add personality and style to any wardrobe. 

From kimonos and accessories to beautiful woodblock prints, you can find something for every personality—and every budget. Make sure you check out their “Popular” section where you can see everything that gets the most attention from other visitors!


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