Top 7 Common Prejudices About Daily Soaps

Daily Soap
Daily Soap

Prejudice is something that can easily turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially when it comes to things as unpredictable and volatile as soap opera viewers. These popular daytime dramas have been known to be the talk of the town and this is a sentiment that is well-documented. However, there are numerous stereotypes that need addressing before they lead viewers astray. Kumkum bhagya 7th april 2017  is an apt proof of this. The fact that soaps are frequently pegged as a guilty pleasure is not exactly novel news.

In the past, there have been numerous times when soap operas have managed to stir up controversies based on their subject matter and the way they present it. In fact, it has been argued that television has been a great influence on how people view social issues, as well as the way in which these issues are portrayed

Nonetheless, soap operas have had their share of staunch supporters over the years and this is not something that can be ignored. This article will explore some of these prejudices against soap operas, including how their storylines can make sense and avoid judgmental behavior. 

Top 7 Common Prejudices About Daily Soaps :

1. That Soaps Are Basically Pure Comedies

The assumption that soap operas are pure comedy is a widely-held belief. The fact that they can actually be a lot more complex than this and present socially-conscious issues in their storylines is something that should be taken into consideration. They are indeed comic at times, but it’s not the only time when soap operas have been used for social commentary. The characters, dialogue and settings can also convey deeper themes in their storylines. 

2. That Soaps Are All About Sex And Romance

This prejudice comes from the assumption that soaps are all about romance and sex, as opposed to any other issues that may be presented during their run times. The fact that they are frequently associated with melodrama and outlandish storylines only further reinforces this belief. The main idea behind this false notion is that these soaps are not intended to make viewers think, but rather watch them for their sheer escapism potential. 

3. That Soaps Are Only For Women

Since these dramas focus on the female perspective and tend to have several female characters, the assumption has been made that soaps are only for women to watch. This is ironic considering how its target demographic is actually women in their 30s and 40s. However, this prejudice is also based on the idea that these soaps are geared to please the female audience, at the expense of everyone else. 

4. That Soaps Are Extremely Unpredictable

Another prejudice that soap operas face is based on the assumption that these shows are extremely unpredictable and will throw in anything for their storylines. Instead of using this as a negative aspect to their format, it should be used to prove just how gripping and well-crafted they can be. Naturally, there will always be storylines that viewers cannot see coming and this stems from how believable these shows can be when presented properly. 

5. That Soaps Are Just All About Romance

Another prejudice that is often seen with soap operas is the assumption that they only focus on romance and melodrama. The fact that they are literally a show about everyday dramas can be used as evidence to challenge this view. Although there will always be some romance in them, this doesn’t mean that they have to be limited to it. The fact that their storylines can include social issues in the best possible way should also prove their versatility. 

6. That Soaps Are All About Young People

The prejudice that soaps are only for young people is another one that needs debunking. The fact that they are frequently set in college or portray characters in their 20s as protagonists is not exactly novel news. However, they also feature plenty of middle-aged and elderly characters, who have been known to have an important role to play in their storylines. 

7. That It’s All Just A Hyped Up Myth

The idea that soap operas are just a hyped up myth is one that has been perpetuated by people who have never actually watched them before. This shows the fact that there are those viewers who make up their mind about a show from hearsay. The truth is that soap operas present issues in a way that can be very real and relatable. The fact that most soap opera viewers come from this age group can also add to the believability of their show.


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