The Trending Stuff In Propel Electric Bikes Showroom

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The past few years have seen enormous growth in the electric bike market. People are talking to these bikes like wildfire — and for good reason. Electric bikes have been found to have a myriad of benefits, ranging from more physical activity, more green transportation options, and just an overall sense of fun. The only problem is that there are so many choices out there! We absolutely love our Propel electric bikes and would love nothing more than to share them with you! Here at the Trending Stuff in Propel electric bikes Showroom, our goal is to provide you with all the info you need on just which Propel bike fits your lifestyle best.

Propel electric bikes are unlike anything else out there. 

We have four different models to choose from, and each one is as unique as the last. All of our bikes offer varying amounts of features to meet different needs. Our first bike is the Dash, the most affordable and simple of our bikes. The Dash offers an entry-level ebike with some nice features that beginner users will enjoy. It’s a comfortable ride, with a rear rack and fenders offering extra protection from rain and debris. 

If you’re looking to get into the ebike scene, the Dash is the perfect way to start! Inexpensive and simple, a great starter bike The Pulse is our mid-level ebike, offering more than a modicum of quality at a relatively low price. The Pulse is Propel’s mid-level electric bike and one of our top sellers. This bike offers just a touch more power than the Dash (80 Watts vs. 70 Watts), and comes with all of the same extras as your friendly neighborhood Propel dealer! This model has 2″ wider tires for an extra bit of comfort on bumpy roads, with 20 speeds for speedy riding in addition to 3 levels of pedal assist.

The Trending Stuff In Propel Electric Bikes Showroom :

1. Extraordinary Speed E-Bike

The Pulse is the perfect choice for the average rider looking for an electric bike that has a little more to offer than the entry level model!With the Rally and TrailMaster, Propel fans really start to see what makes our bikes stand out from the crowd. Our Rally bike offers a front hub motor meant to be driven in any conditions. This bike is perfect for all-terrain use and can handle any type of weather you can throw at it! The Rally comes with larger knobby tires for extra traction on dirt, gravel, or snow. The motor offers a whopping 100 Watts, putting out enough power for the bike to be driven up steep inclines or even hilly roads.

The Rally is our go-to electric bike for city commuters and those who need a little extra help with their hills! This bike was created with the help of the wonderful people at Commute By Bike , and we couldn’t be more excited about it! The Trailmaster is part of Propel’s new Trail line, which includes a 21 speed Shimano EZ-Fire shifter. Do you live somewhere with lots of stop and go traffic? Then this is the ebike for you. A combination hand/thumb throttle and twist grip makes your electric bike experience more enjoyable than ever.

2. Supercharge Your Ride

The Speedster is Propel’s mid-level ebike, at par with the Pulse. This bike offers a little more power than the Pulse (60 Watts vs. 80 Watts), with a lighter frame to accommodate the increased power output. Additionally, this model has upgraded components to enjoy smoother and quieter rides. The EZ-Fire shifter on this electric bike helps keep you comfortable as you ride longer distances or hills. If you’re looking to go head-to-head down some serious climbs, we think we’ve got the perfect bike for you!

3. A Bike for the Big Dog

The Speedster is the perfect bike for anyone who wants a serious workout or a really swift ride! The Speedster has all of the upgraded parts and power of the TrailMaster with a few extra bonuses. With 3 levels of pedal assist (none, low, high), you can easily get your electric bike moving at your own pace. A custom LCD display shows you everything you need to know while riding, including battery level, distance traveled, and speed. If you’re looking for an electric bike that can do it all, we think we’ve found it. The only question that remains is: what color will you choose?

4. Whoa! It’s a Monster!

The Speedster is the ideal bike for anyone who wants to do some serious riding. With its lightweight frame and high-powered motor, this electric bike has the power you need to get through any tough situation. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a weekend trip, this bike will go the distance (and then some). With its custom LCD display, it’s easy to see everything you need while riding your bike. A thumb throttle gives you precise control over your pedaling with its smooth shifting mechanisms, and 3 levels of pedal assist can help even beginners maintain their speed with ease.


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