The Sick Truth of Xin Net Technology Corporation

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What is xin net technology corporation?

Xin net technology corporation is a company that specializes in creating, producing and distributing pharmaceuticals for human consumption. They are also involved in providing research and development services for other companies as well as the development of generic drug products. This company is headquartered in Shanghai, China and was established in August 1992 with a focus on marketing drugs to Asia markets. 

What is xin net technology corporation history? 

Xin Net Technology Corporation’s founder, Hao Yingchu was born in 1930, he had served as deputy secretary of the Communist Party branch during his early life then relocated to Singapore where he served at various senior positions before joining the Xin net team. He officially became the founder, president and CEO in 1992. As xin net technology Corporation was growing he had appointed two of the best managers in Asia; Zhang Ming, former vice-president of China’s largest commercial bank, The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and led his group to make ICBC one of the world’s nine largest companies for many years before he retired in October 2011. 

What is xin net technology corporation products? 

Xin Net Technology Corporation specializes in producing, marketing and distributing its own image vitamins as well as vaccines. It also provides generic drugs to its customers. XNTC also develops and produces pharmaceuticals for other companies as well as researching new medicine.

Van Gogh’s Health Supplements:

Xin Net Technology Corporation claims they have the only image vitamins to produce the same effect as Van Gogh’s health supplements. These attributes include: Revitalizing the human soul with five images skin care which is suitable for all ages;  The ability to restore physical strength with five images health supplements for men and women, children and fetuses;  The development of various organs with five images rejuvenating capsules;  The treatment of aging skin with five images anti-aging pills; The prevention of mental illness with five images prevention pills. 

What is xin net technology corporation contact information? 

Xin Net Technology Corporation‘s telephone number is 010-62345544 and its fax number is 010-62342088. The postal address of Xin Net Technology Corporation is Room 1601, No.14 Building, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhong Road, Pudong District, Shanghai 201203 China. Its website address is

Xin net technology corporation has a website called . At the website, their product are displayed and the product descriptions are written in English. On the main page of the website, it has some feature that include:

1)Overview: Basic information of XNTC; Fruits and vegetables nutrition with health functions; 

2)Product Information: Product availability, prices and contact information; 

3)Customer Service: Customer service information; 

4)Zhongji Online Store: Zhongji Online Store information. It is a very straightforward website where shoppers can shop from home and pay for goods via credit card or cash at stores near them.

What are the features?

1)Product page: the page provides the specifications, functions, ingredients and other information of health products; 

2)Product comparison: it helps customers to compare different types of health products in one time. For example, if a customer is interested in Xin Net Technology Corporation’s image vitamins for men and women. They can compare different types of vitamins for men and women including “Riboflavin for man”, “Vitamin E for man”, “Vitamin C for woman”, etc. 

3)Message board: customers can leave their messages on the product page, or leave a message on other product pages or message their friends.

4)Reviews: customers can write their reviews about Xin Net Technology Corporation health products. 

5)Wish list: customers can make wishes about certain health products and share their wishes with the Xin Net Technology Corporation staff.

5)Contact us: it provides the contact details of Xin Net Technology Corporation including telephone number, fax number, postal address and website address. 

6)About us: it provides detailed information of XNTC including introduction, corporate culture, vision and mission statement as well as historical background.

What are the benefits?

1)Saving time: by visiting the website, customers can get all of the information they need from XNTC’s website. They do not need to visit different websites to get information about health products. 

2)Money: when customers visit XNTC’s website, they do not need to pay any money, they can only enter into their shopping cart and go shopping. 

3)Product varieties: when customers visit XNTC’s website, they have different kinds of health products to choose from with different prices and different levels of qualities. 

4)Convenient: customers can compare different types of health products in one time on the same page.

How significant is the service Xin Net Technology Corporation provides?

1)A lot of health products: XNTC has a variety of health products which can be divided into two categories, xin net technology corporation products which are sold by Xin Net Technology Corporation, and corporate products which are sold by other companies. 

2)Products description: all of their health products have detailed descriptions on the product pages. 

3)Ease of shopping: with one website, customers can browse for different types of health products that suit their needs with no need to travel to different stores.


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