The Most Entertaining Aging Influencers You Need to Follow

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With the enormous number of social media outlets available these days, it’s not easy to keep up with everything that’s going on in the world. There’s no need to worry, though. When you’re looking to find a new source of entertainment or information and you don’t want to scroll through hours upon hours just finding those few minutes of something interesting, follow these savvy seniors like las vegas fitness expo 2017 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! They’ll definitely keep you entertained for a couple of minutes at least.

1. @BobFacts

You might think that facts are not an entertaining form of entertainment, but Bob Facts is here to prove you wrong. He uses his Twitter platform to share highly absurd but hilarious facts. Some of Bob Facts’ funniest posts include “It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs,” and “There are more than five different Star Wars -themed porn parodies.” He’s also known for his “funniest fact of the day,” where he shares a new fact at least once daily.

2. @BadMedicine_

The creator of this account makes sure that everyone knows it’s okay to make fun of themselves, especially when it comes to medicine errors. This account is also loved by many because of its honesty and humor. @BadMedicine_ often shares the posts of fellow stylists who had unfortunate run-ins with medicine, sometimes for seemingly nothing at all. For example, she once shared a post about an elderly woman who accidentally took her false eyelashes off with them after washing them in the shower. She then went on to share another post where a woman found out that some shampoo was meant to soothe your hair, not your scalp.

3. @Annrannie

This beautiful senior is one of our favorite Instagram account creators at 90+. This senior loves to make people laugh at her age and has been giving them a laugh with her hilarious posts on Instagram. She’s most known for her #pantsless in ny post. In it, she compares the feeling of wearing yoga pants to going naked in public, especially when you’re 90 years old. She says that she doesn’t feel comfortable in simple form-fitting clothes anymore, whether it’s a pair of jeans or leggings.

4. @The_Chron_Girl

This account is the one responsible for this post from The Huffington Post . It chronicles the life and times of singer-songwriter Bonnie Raitt as she struggles with old age. During this time, Bonnie also battles stage 4 breast cancer, which is what she’s currently being treated for with a double mastectomy. The posts on this account are now limited to two or three a week because Bonnie has many other commitments. As you can imagine though, it’s definitely worth the wait!

5. @Osho_Now

This account started out as an Instagram stare at midlife journey, but has evolved into something much bigger than that. Osho Now is most known for its juicy rants about marriage and religion along with memes that make your brain hurt. You can also subscribe to their podcast.

6. @LadyBirdsPantry

With this account, you’ll find delicious recipes, tips and tricks to help ease you into old age, and a lot of random plights from the daily grind. These ladies make it easy for everyone to follow their lead so that you too can enjoy baking at home without all of the hassle!

7. @sarahsblairthepug

This adorable pug, who is named after Sarah Blair herself, is by far one of the funniest things on Instagram! This little doggie is constantly up to something funny and she makes sure to let her owners know about it in different ways on her Instagram account.

8. @AbuelaFlaca

The best thing about this account is that it reminds us all of our own grandmothers and all the silly things they did. This account is run by Flaca, who’s a native New Yorker, and her job was to go around the city with her lady friends, find interesting things to photograph, and caption them in Spanish. Now her account has more than 1 million followers!

9. @UngratefulHippo

This account is loved by many because of its humor and simplicity. Ungrateful Hippo will always find a positive aspect in any post it shares, even if the post is about something sad. Some of their best posts include “Kim Jong Un mispronounced Pokémon Go,” and “My mom called the wrong hospital to ask for me.” This account is known for posting random funny things that could randomly happen to you or anyone else for that matter. Another great thing about this account is that it posts daily, so you’re sure to find a new funny tidbit every day!

10. @Aging2insanity

One of the reasons why this account is so popular is because it’s simple. The creator of this account just posts what she did that day and nothing more. She doesn’t ask for anything else, but people love to leave her positive comments and likes.


What do you guys think? Did we miss your favorite? What is your most entertaining account that you follow on Instagram? Comment and let us know! Also another thing to note, if you have an account that you think is awesome, please let us know and send us the link. If we feature your account in one of our articles, it will be featured at the top of our Instagram list!


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