Stereotypes About Busch Pet Products That Aren’t Always True

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pet products

Stereotypes can be fun and interesting, but sometimes they just aren’t true. Busch’s pet products are no exception, and there are a few that don’t ring true. Here are some of the most common assumptions that people make about Busch products, and the actual facts. – Busch says kibble is better than canned food for dogs because it’s fresher. That’s not true. Canned food has no preservatives, and the high acid content can put a dog into an acidic state of shock. 

Many dogs today come from long lines of working in adverse conditions that made them thrive on a diet like kibble with its high protein content; such dogs are often found at shelters when they’re no longer working. It is not surprising that many of these dogs have trouble adjusting to the sudden change back to an all-canned diet after years of kibble.

Stereotypes About Busch Pet Products That Aren’t Always True :

1. Busch says that canned food is not as healthy for dogs as kibble.

Busch says their canned food is all natural, organic, organic grain free, no by-product diets, no preservatives and is human grade. That’s not true. They say this to appeal to those who are concerned about the environment and the quality of life for their dogs. Canned foods are made from processed ingredients with many different items in them for a variety of reasons. These canned foods come from a multitude of different processes: extrusion (drying), canning (leaving the processing plant), cooking and freezing; so “human grade” really just means they are consistent with all of the different types of processing steps that go into making what we feed our dogs every day.

2. Busch says that high protein diets = healthy bones.

Busch has always said that they believe a diet is important for your dog’s well-being and “for their health and longevity”, but there is no hard evidence or study that shows that high protein diets are healthier for dogs than other diets. The overwhelming majority of pet food studies have shown no difference in the nutrients between foods of different types and sizes. The one exception to this was a small study done at Brown University that was not able to show any convincing results from feeding dogs a high protein diet (the subjects did not perform at the same level when compared to control dogs on tests involving agility, an obedience sport and behavior.

3. Busch says that all of their dog foods are made in the USA.

Busch says that they make all of their food from scratch using only the freshest ingredients, making it human-grade. While they do have production facilities in the USA, they also use ingredients from other countries. Many processed ingredients in their food come from China and South America. They may not be contaminating our food supply, but it is not “all made in the USA”. The main ingredient in Busch foods is corn, which they get from South America or China. 

They use a lot of chicken by-product because that is what is available at the lowest cost. Their canned dog food contains carrots and peas, which come from China. The corn, peas and carrots are in the cans so the canners do not have to clean them off of the meat; this is called bone-in canned food. Many manufacturers use bone in canned foods because it costs them less money. This tells us that Busch uses as much Chinese and South American ingredients as they do USA ingredients.

4. Busch says that their foods are all natural, organic, no preservatives and are human grade.

Busch foods are all natural. They are not organic because they do not meet the organic USDA’s regulations. None of their ingredients can come from genetically modified plants, irradiation or sewage sludge. Some of their food is organic grain free. Some of their foods contain grains such as whole wheat or brown rice. No preservatives are used because they do not have to. All of their canned dog foods are human grade, which means that they do not contain any chemicals like propylene glycol, oxalates or phosphates. 

The arsenic in their food has been replaced with a different type of preservative called Sorbic Acid which is made from the chemicals found in berries like strawberries and raspberries. Despite the label on each can saying they are wheat free, most of their canned dog food contains wheat as an ingredient.

5. Busch says that all of their food is human grade and made in the USA.

Busch dog foods are human grade. Some of their foods are USDA certified as human grade, but others are not. They use ingredients from many different countries to make their ingredients, but they make all of the finished products in the USA using American workers. This is a common practice among other pet food manufacturers as well. The labeling on each can specify if that food is USDA certified as human grade or if its just labeled “human-grade”. They do this because there is no law against lying about it unless it’s actually designated as “human-grade”.


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