Source to Pay- A Complete Process

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An s2p is a source-to-pay procedure that is a more full and powerful version of a procure-to-pay (P2P). At the same time, most procure-to-pay systems start with recognizing their internal requirements and completing departmental requisitions. 

It takes further steps, including a higher-level component into the procurement process. The source-to-pay process starts with interaction from the supplier-side, rather than starting with departmental requests and concluding with accounting procedures as a payroll.

However, the P2P and S2P have many similar things where it is important to understand the difference between them to develop the complete procurement plan.

A source-to-pay method is based on the use of massive data, smart technology, as well as network technology. The procurement teams always need the information of all the decisions, and the big data gives it and moves forward for the proceeding with different suppliers. Therefore, the supplier can easily interact with contracts that are accessible, and it’s all done through smart and elegant software.

All of these features are intended to strengthen and simplify the procurement process. Using a source-to-pay process improves and extends supplier relationships, provides greater visibility into product sourcing channels, and improves procurement transparency. In this article, we will mention step by step procedures that will help to understand;

Some Steps Which Involved In Source to Pay

S2P isn’t a fully independent process from the procurement process. However, e-procurement is the result of a digital journey. There are many new digital products that you can use for payroll processing. Paystubs generator are becoming popular, they are also reliable and can be used by small businesses too.

1. Supply and Demand: First and foremost, there must be a demand for some kind of service or product. Instead, the demand could be generated by a desire for a lower price or better conditions.

2. Sourcing: In this stage, the suppliers are involved in locating and identifying the potential supply chain. However, this source of method can be applied with the use of software platforms that can manage large amounts of data on previous spending, industry trends, and priorities of the company. Vendors who meet basic requirements can be listed in a smooth onboarding process.

3. Bid Preparation: RFx documents are put together. However, these materials contain Requests for information, proposals, and quotations.

4. Making A Decision: Candidates must be considered in the fourth step. Some will be selected, while others will not.

5. Contract Management: After that, you’ll need to connect successful vendors to the supplier database management and discuss price and contract terms with them.

6. Signing Contract: Once the contract terms have been agreed upon, it’s time to close the deal and sign the contract.

7. Procure To Pay Transition: Now that the contract has been signed, it’s time to hand over power to the procurement team, who will be in charge of all sales orders, billing, and payments.

Why the Businesses Use Source-to-pay 

Every company has its motivations for automated procurement processes; however, all the successful companies that use the S2P platform and gain the following benefits:

Management of Suppliers

The supplier management feature is the backbone of every s2p process. These offer more in-depth vendor sourcing, giving a more secure and trustworthy supply chain that is less sensitive to market instability. Furthermore, effective source-to-pay systems enable businesses to screen out suppliers who do not satisfy industry, regulatory, or company criteria.


One of the most difficult parts of introducing new technologies in a business is ensuring that many people accept them. The goal is to provide a user-friendly experience that is uniform throughout the package. Because all purchasing operations are processed through a single system, users must make an effort to use it.


The integration of the source-to-pay system improves payment visibility and assurance. This trustworthiness can create a long partnership between buyers and providers. When suppliers are comfortable in their payment status, they may be prepared to offer customers more attractive and beneficial conditions. The source-to-pay process facilitates negotiations between parties involved, paystubs result in cost savings and increased buyer-supplier trust.


To get the most out of your procurement staff, ensure they have the most powerful and up-to-date software. ProcurePort’s procurement solutions are strong and feature-rich. The program addresses requirements in the source-to-pay vs procure to-pay processes, allowing businesses to simplify product sourcing and procurement procedures, resulting in increased efficiencies, lower costs, and a more effective procurement team.


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