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He’s a genius physicist, has a Ph.D., and he knows what he’s talking about. But Sheldon is also awkward, lacks social skills, and has trouble expressing his emotions. Whether it’s showing interest in women or caring for people close to him, Sheldon is just not that good at it…

I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about: Big Bang Theory star Sheldon Cooper! He first appeared in the show back in 2007 and has since been an integral part of the series. Although his character is mainly depicted as being socially awkward with an extraordinary intelligence level, this character can be very entertaining to watch thanks to his sarcastic one-liners and humorous personality.

1. Sheldon Cooper is a genius

Debuted: 2007

Sell it sheldon is a genius. The title of his own sitcom is “The Big Bang Theory” for a reason: he is one of the show’s main characters and he knows his stuff well enough to make it interesting. His intelligence rivals that of real-life multi-millionaire Bill Gates’ and he even has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics to prove it, which is pretty impressive if you ask me!

2. Sheldon Cooper has a hard time expressing his emotions or figuring out other people’s feelings

Sheldon struggles with the idea of finding love and being in a serious relationship. Even years after he first met and started dating Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon is still having trouble getting intimate with her. When it comes to other people, such as Leonard or his mother, Sheldon often feels very distant from them because of problems that stem from his lack of social skills. This can make him appear cold hearted, but he is actually just unable to express his emotions.

3. Sheldon Cooper is a nerd

If you want to find a guy who is obviously a brainiac and uninterested in girls, then Sheldon Cooper will be the perfect character for you! He doesn’t wear fancy clothes, he doesn’t listen to music, and he doesn’t even watch TV. Sheldon’s taste in gadgets is rather simple: his favorite things are electronics that can be used for research, i.e. calculators, watches with calendars etc…

4. Sheldon Cooper has the nickname “Sheldon”

In the show, Sheldon’s real name is Dr. Howard Wolowitz and he usually uses this to make fun of himself because it sounds very pompous (see point 5). However, he often goes by the name Sheldon, which is his mother’s maiden name and is also the name of his grandmother.

5. Sheldon Cooper has a funny voice

One more thing that makes Sheldon’s character stand out is his voice! Despite being played by talented actor Jim Parsons, I think most people will agree with me when I say that Sheldon’s voice sounds a bit strange. It may take some getting used to at first, but on the other hand it adds a lot to his comical personality!

6. Sheldor (Sheldon + Superman)

Sheldon and Amy often call each other Sheldor when they want to describe their feelings for each other and not come off as creepy or obsessive. They obviously take the time to think of a good nickname for each other, which is one of the many things that make Sheldon’s character so unique.

7. Sheldon Cooper is a nerd yet…

Sheldon fails to understand women and has difficulty with being romantic with them (see point 6). This can make him seem like an unattractive character, but I must say that Amy Farrah Fowler seems very interested in him. Even though they are not in a real relationship yet, they have admitted to having fun together and being happy when they spend time with each other or look at old pictures!

8. Sheldon Cooper is a nerd yet…

I wasn’t kidding when I said that Sheldon fails to understand women, was I? In the first episode of the series, we learn that Sheldon never knows what to do with his shirt and asks Leonard what to do. In another episode, he struggles with choosing between the colors pink and mauve for Amy’s gift. This can make him seem like a shy guy afraid of making the move or being too intense because he has no clue how girls think.

9. Sheldon Cooper can be kind of annoying but…

Even though Sheldon probably has some serious psychological issues and can be a bit too much at times, he does have an endearing character. His unique personality can make him quite funny to watch, especially when he wears a t-shirt featuring the word “NERD” on it.

10. Sheldon Cooper is always hungry?

In one of the episodes, Sheldon asks Amy how she knows if she’s in love. Her answer? She eats more and her heart beats faster when she’s near her loved one.


Sheldon Cooper is a very unique character that has managed to make an appearance in the Big Bang Theory since its very first season of episodes! He is known for his social awkwardness, his OCD-like habits, and his intelligent mind. And yes, he can often be very annoying.


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