Seven Ways To Tell You’re Suffering From An Obsession With Doctors


Many people think of doctors as being some kind of magic geniuses who are able to diagnose, prescribe, and help. However, the reality is that a lot of doctors simply don’t know what they’re talking about. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic website it’s estimated that 22% of all medical diagnoses made by doctors in the United States are incorrect and 10% or more might not be properly followed up on. This means there has been a lot of bad information spread as well as patients who go through many unnecessary tests and procedures for nothing. Alma Wahlberg health is a great example of what happens when doctors don’t know anything about treating you properly.

Seven Ways To Tell You’re Suffering From An Obsession With Doctors :

1. You’re On A First Name Basis With Your Doctor

Seeing your doctor so often means you’ve got an obsession with doctors. It also means you’ve got a lot of health problems that are being ignored and pretty soon you’ll be too sick to handle. In business, a sure fire way to tell if a client is obsessed with their business is that they’re on a first name basis with all of their employees. For example, if you’ve got a client who insists on calling you by your first name and they actually insist that all of the employees they speak to call them by their first name as well, you’ve got an obsessive client. 

Were they to use your last name in an email or in an internal business meeting it would show that they’ve got a healthy relationship with your business and that they’re confident enough in what you’re doing for them to not need to force their friendship onto you.

2. You Can’t Get A Diagnosis Or Proper Treatment From Them

A doctor who can’t tell you what’s wrong, how it started, or how to get rid of it is like a magician who can’t figure out how to do his trick for you. Even worse, there are too many cases where the patient does get all the test results that their doctor tells them, only to find out later that they’re completely incorrect. When this happens it means your doctor is either 

1) not being paid enough by insurance companies or 

2) purposely lying so they can keep charging high rates to you and everyone else.

3. They Don’t Explain Your Results

It’s no secret that doctors try to bury the truth in a lot of data they present to patients through tests, scans, and other procedures. What is often not shown though is the reason why the results are being presented in this way. The reason for this is because it takes a lot of time and effort from many different professionals working together in order to properly make information understandable – so people don’t get overwhelmed by all of the data. 

If a doctor just gives you one sentence about your test results it means that he or she didn’t bother explaining them fully or at all. The main reason for this is because it takes too much work and is not efficient for the doctor. Instead of letting you know what’s going on with your body, they’re just focusing on how to get the most money from you.

4. They Don’t Follow Up With You Later

A lot of times, doctors have a problem figuring out what’s going wrong with their patients because they don’t take time to think about what they really need in order to get better. They just take whatever treatment you’re given and follow it up with the routine test they feel is necessary. Unfortunately, this means that they’ll never figure out what’s really wrong with you. The problem becomes even worse when they start ignoring your situation because they feel like you’ve gotten better.

This is why a lot of times doctors ignore patients who have health issues because they don’t know what’s really wrong with them and won’t do anything until someone comes along who can tell them what to do next.

5. You’re On Their Schedule

A lot of doctors just want to be on the clock and don’t really pay attention to what their patients need. This is why some doctors will see you for an annual check up but you’ll never hear from them again, even though you’re still going through what you were at the time of your last visit. Instead, when this happens it’s a sign that your doctor doesn’t know how to treat his or her patients properly.

6. You Feel Like Your Health Is Worse Off

When you go to the doctor it’s because you need help and want to get better. If after being seen by your doctor for an extended period of time you feel worse off then before, then you’ve got a real problem. Unfortunately, when this happens doctors have a tendency to deny the truth or make up something else that will appease you but won’t actually help.

7. You’re Always Nagged By Your Doctor To Come Back For Tests And More Treatments

Doctors who don’t know what they’re doing will try to convince their patients that they need further tests and treatments so they can keep raking in as much money as possible. If this is something that you experience, check out the other ways doctors can take advantage of you so you can be sure that you’re suffering from an obsession with doctors.


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