Seven Common Mistakes Everyone Makes While Making Drinks


The most common mistake people make when making drinks is adding too much. This is something that you will see with vodka, whiskey, and rum drinkers. Getting the wrong measurements when making a drink can make a huge difference in the taste. Dunkin mangonada is a very good example of what can happen when you add too much. Drinkers also often don’t pay attention to the ratios they are using, which leaves them with inconsistent results. 

This is especially true with heavier liquors such as vodka or whiskey where there’s more alcohol involved and it’s harder to tell what a drink tastes like without just drinking it or adding some juice or other mixers beforehand. 

Seven Common Mistakes Everyone Makes While Making Drinks :

1. Adding too much liquor – 

The reason this is so common is because people don’t take the time to figure out how much liquor they need. Adding just a little bit more than what you need can leave a drink tasting like nothing and leaving people with only the taste of the liquor by itself in their mouth.

2. Adding liquor first and then trying to add juice or other mixers later – 

It can be a challenge to get the right amounts of the right ingredients for a drink if you’re not paying attention. It can be especially hard if you’re used to just mixing stuff together on the fly and not measuring things out in advance because it’s easier to eyeball it. 

3. Failure to add enough dilution –

The problem with a lot of the popular drinks is that people are too excited about the liquor taste and don’t pay enough attention to the dilution. This can lead to drinks that have too much liquor in them, leaving you with a drink that tastes like alcohol only rather than what it was supposed to be like. The amount of dilution is also something you’re going to want to pay attention to when making mixed drinks with milk or cream because these ingredients will also add their own volume of liquid and you will have to do some extra measuring accordingly.

4. Failure to mix the ingredients properly –

Liquor is a pretty solid substance when it’s in its liquid form. This means that the alcohol molecules tend to stick together and create particles that are very large. These are able to leave your mouth feeling pretty dry and can also be a problem for your stomach if you’re not careful. One of the ways you can get around this is by mixing different types of liquors with juices, other liquors, and other ingredients because this will cause them to break up better.

5. Failure to pay attention to ratios –

Many drinkers don’t pay enough attention to the types of alcohol they’re using. There’s no doubt that vodka and whiskey have a very strong taste, but alcohol itself is not something that you want to go too crazy with. The more aggressively flavored the beverage’s liquor, the less it will be able to dilute the drink because it’s going to hit your mouth before it gets diluted by other ingredients. The best way around this is knowing how much of each ingredient you need for a specific amount of liquor and then mixing them together carefully so you end up with a drink that has an even ratio between everything.

6. Failure to stir properly –

When making drinks, there are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to before the drink is done. The most important one is how well you stir everything. You need to make sure that your ingredients aren’t clumping together and will mix together properly once you’ve added them to the drink. 

If this doesn’t happen, you run the risk of having a gummy mess on your hand rather than a properly mixed drink. It’s also important to be careful with liquor because it’s easy for it to burn off and not leave the drink at all if you don’t know what you’re doing.

7. Failure to properly store the drink –

The last mistake that people make when making drinks is forgetting about their drink’s ability to go bad. Obviously, you’ll want to store your drinks in a container that will keep them in good shape for a while, but you also need to make sure that those drinks are still safe. 

Once they’ve been exposed to too much heat or light, they could end up spoiling quite quickly and taking the rest of the drink with them. It’s important to have a good stock of clean containers available at all times so you don’t forget about these things and end up with a bad batch of something you’ve already made before.


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