Quick and Easy Fix For Your TATTOO COVER UP


Some of the people in our life may not be aware of what to do if they get a tattoo that is somehow covered up. If you have to cover up your tattoo then you need to do it correctly, but when you are feeling discouraged and want a quick fix of the best cover up tattoo forearm then this article will help. The process can take awhile, but most importantly make sure that it is washed with saline daily and when all else fails wearing clothing over your tattoos will work!

1. First, you need to get a tattoo cover-up kit. 

These kits come with colorless paint that contains silicone, and is water resistant so it will not wear off. They are easy to use and can be purchased from a local drug store or online. You can also use make-up but it will wear off in a short amount of time and is not recommended for large tattoos or those with deep colors. The process of buying the kit is fairly simple – just follow the instructions carefully but here are some basics:

2. Try to wash your tattoo with saline every day to help fade the old ink faster. 

This process takes awhile but if you do this daily, then after two weeks it may start getting lighter. However, if you have a large tattoo it will take less time. You need to do this everyday and add a barrier lotion if it is really dry or use the kit.

3. If you happen to get words on your skin then try just covering the word with another word that has a similar meaning. 

This may not be an easy task but it can be done as long as you are patient and remember that everything fades with time. If you are considering doing this then just look at how text tattoos have evolved over the years and keep them artistic by picking colors from the actual written word in your tattoo, like adding blue from “blue’s clues” or bright green from “green day”.

4. If all else fails then buy some stretchy clothing from a store and cover your tattoo with that.

Plastic wrap will work if you apply it to your skin and let it sit overnight, then peel it off before putting on clothes, but you can use stretchy pants or a bra if you have something similar in the house that can help out. Whatever you do, just make sure it is not too tight because this will cause more damage to your skin over time, plus wearing clothes over the tattoo is a quick fix at least until you can get it covered up properly.

5. In your case, you can always get a tattoo cover-up kit to help you with the process.

The kit will include everything needed to help cover up your tattoo and wash it daily. The silicone ink is water resistant so it will not fade, plus there are instructions that come in the package so make sure you follow them carefully.

6. Do not be discouraged when working on a tattoo that is larger or has more than one color – it may take longer but in the end your tattoo will look much better.

If you have friends who have tattoos then ask them for advice on how to do this successfully. Keep a positive attitude and be determined to help cover your tattoos properly so that you do not have any regrets.

7. Get a friend or a family

To make the process go faster, get a friend or family member to help you with the tattoo, but if this is not an option then just remember that the color in your skin is called pigment and it will fade over time.

This includes covering up a very dark tattoo so that you do not have to work on it for years; just wash it everyday with saline and add a fragrance free lotion or use the kit if you are worried about your skin getting dry.

8. Now, let’s say that one of your tattoos cannot be covered up properly and then you need to remove them without laser treatment.

If you did not go to a professional to have the tattoo done then it will be harder to remove it, but if this is the case then ask around at work or in your area for a reputable laser removal center in the area and make an appointment. Have someone with you when you enter so they can help answer any questions that may arise during the process and if your tattoos are not fading away just add some lotion and wash with saline.


If you follow these instructions then you will not have any problem with what to do if your tattoo is covered up. You also need to make sure that it is not over-inked which is a big risk to your skin and health. It may take a while but just keep washing it everyday, cover it up with clothing and hope for the best!

Have a great day!


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