Online scrolls: Lingering health

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istockphoto 1284839442 170667a

Can you sit for hours, scrolling your thumbs up and down over the screen with no end in sight? 

We all find ourselves wondering what our phone really does to our health.”lingering health potion eso” is a guide for computer users on how to extend their life. It includes tips like not using your phone or desk at night.

The article discusses how these online scrolls adversely affect the human body by wearing away at its physical and mental well-being which can lead to more serious problems. 

With these treatments taking place in the dark, they’re able to eventually cause heart attacks and strokes because of their sheer amount of time spent on these negative effects.

Effects of online scroll on human body :

1. It has a negative effect on the eyes with constant scrolling. The tension can lead to hypertension and damage of blood vessels in the eyes.

2. Negative effect on the brain because it causes strain with constant cognitive overload. It can result in mental exhaustion and feelings of loneliness or confusion due to memory loss and forgetting things with overuse of the phone screen light.

 This will make users avoid going out with friends when it’s dark due to lack of sleep from not sleeping when it’s dark enough for restful sleep when it’s dark enough to feel rested after an entire night’s rest.

3. Headaches and pain in fingers and wrists from prolonged usage of such online scrolls.

 It causes the muscles in the hands of the user to become stiff and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis.

4. Chronic fatigue, depression, irritability, lack of self-control of bladder control, chronic indigestion, insomnia are some negative effects which are caused by prolonged scrolling on phones/tablets/mobiles etc..

5. Decreased memory or forgetfulness is another negative effect caused by excessive scroll on your phone/mobile phone/computer etc.

This makes you unable to remember things that happened within an hour period of usage.

6. Absence of motivation to do things, lack of interest in work because of prolonged scrolling on your phone/tablet/computer etc.

7. Low self-esteem from constantly being criticized for not doing things which you have been lazy to do with constant scroll on your phone/tablet/computer etc..

8. Unsteady hands and sudden movements can occur due to continuous usage which leads you to fall from one place to another for example, from a chair or a bed to the floor or even a table if you’re sitting on it too long without stretching it out before doing so. 

This may cause falls and can contribute to a physical injury.

9. Negative effects of mobile phones on fertility and pregnancy .

 It’s recommended to leave off your devices such as smartphones and computers at least an hour before you go to bed for a good night’s rest.

10. Memory loss is another negative effect that may come at the end of the whole process which is caused by overuse of your phone and computer after prolonged usage. 

This can cause you to forget where you left your phone/ computer/book etc..

11. Pulling muscles from overuse. This may lead to a sprained wrist, neck, back or hands if something requires a lot of holding up or lifting.

 It can be a very dangerous situation for older adults, children and the infirm with changes in their weight from being unable to easily lift things from their seated positions due to physical weakness.

12. Exposure to harmful radiation from your phone/tablet/computer etc.

This can cause cancer because of its effects on the cells in your body by causing DNA damage and mutations that can lead to cancer.

13. Less energy from being forced into constant sitting is another negative effect from overuse of computer/phone/tablet etc.

 which leads you to feel tired and weak. This eventually leads to a lack of motivation to do things which you used to do before with a lot of energy.

14. Negative effects of online scroll on blood pressure . It may lower the blood pressure with prolonged scrolling as this is a symptom of high tension which leads you to feel lightheaded, dizzy and fatigued with fatigue after prolonged usage.

15. Fatigue, feeling of being overwhelmed and lack of motivation is another negative that can be caused due to prolonged usage of online scrolls.


The battery life on these devices is not as great as we think it is because the light emitted from the screen can cause damage to our eyes so we should use these devices with caution.


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