Men’s temporary impotence causes


Impotence or ED or erectile dysfunction is one of the prime disorders among men these days. The sexual impotence problem occurring in men can make them turn impotent that is not being able to achieve an erection on their own and thus you might have problems in your sexual life. 

Impotence can have several reasons behind it. In case if you are of the same group and already suffering from ED and taking in pills like Cenforce 200mg then this article is just for you as we will explain you about the reasons behind ED and what it takes to get a complete cure. 

What physical disorders can lead you to erection hampering?

Now let us get straight into the physical causes for ED. 

Remember that you may have ED due to the most unlikely causes that seem to be far distant and highly unrelated. 

So here goes the list of physical disorders that may cause ED-

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Obesity
  • Nerve problems
  • Blood vessel damage
  • High cholesterol

Remember that in most of these disorders it is the flow of blood that is directly or indirectly affected in some way such that you fail in each of you erection attempts. It is due to this reason that you are left with no other option than to take Vidalista 60 pills and be cured from ED

During obesity, high cholesterol and the blood vessel damage the effect of blood flow hampering is more direct. The blood vessels begin to constrict and some of them are even so damaged that they are beyond the capability to have blood flow. 

Can psychological disturbances lead you to erection problem?

As we told you above as well, it is not only due to existing physical issues that you may have to be hampered with your erections but also with your psychological issues. Some of the psychological issues that may lead to impotence problem includes-

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear

Remember that here again too it is the flow of blood that is hampered, but unlike most of the physical disorders leading to impotence here the relationship is much more indirect. 

So what exactly happens when you suffer from any one of these disorders? 

Well, when you are having any one of the given disorders it may lead you to having difficulties with not being able to generate any interest in having sex. 

Even any normal man may have noticed this sometimes. When even a normal man is experiencing issues with their psychological being then you generally don’t have any sort of mood inclination to have sex. 

Along with the flow of blood flow also never increase as the brain is the controlling organ that would have given instructions to the heart to increase blood flow to the penis. But for someone who is suffering from ED this will never happen. Eventually you don’t get an erection. 

What symptoms can guarantee that you have ED?

Now it is extremely important to clarify your doubts that the occurrence of these disorders does not necessarily means that you have ED. It only signifies that in case if you have any one of the existing physical or psychological problems that it may lead you to having ED.

Now, to get an indication about ED you will need to understand about some of the basic symptoms first. The basic symptoms for having erections disorder includes failing erection attempts. Even you may not be able to sustain an erection for too long as well. Thus men suffering from ED will likely not be able to either maintain an erection or even hold or sustain to an erection.  

How to get cure from ED completely?

Of course the ideal and the most simple technique for getting an ED recovery is to make use of pills such as FIldena 25. But the problem is that these ED pills available around the market are not for a permanent cure. They cannot provide you with a permanent cure. Only they can give you temporary cur and this means that getting back the ability to enable and achieve an erection only a long as the effects of the pill are sustaining in your body. 

So what do you do in case if you wish to find a complete and a sure short solution of dealing with ED once and for all?  Well, there are not one but two choices for you. 

The first option for you is to go for surgeries. ED cure is possible with surgeries done that place a penile pump and an implant to help you achieve an erection. The only downside to having erections using penile implants is that they are superb costly and on top of that it is not devoid of side effects too. 

On the other hand, one of the things that you can do is to cure the underlying disorder that is causing ED. If you can cure the main reason that is hampering your erection then your erection trouble will vanish automatically too.   


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