Know the Awesomeness of Swift and Top 5 Reasons to Learn Using It

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Is Swift Awesome? 5 Reasons You Must Start Using It Right Away!

Swift is a compilation of various programming languages like watchOS, iOS, tvOS, Linux. Swift development was done back in 2014 by Apple. It soon became one of the leading programming languages for iOS development and more. The specialties of Swift are:

  • Open Source
  • Safety
  • Fast Performing
  • Very High in Demand

Swift is awesome because it has efficiently combined various popular scripting languages with utmost simplicity and interactivity. It has brought a havoc change in the business games. To learn how to, continue reading!

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Use Swift

Harold Abelson said that programs were meant to be read by people, not just incidentally executed by machines. Here are the top 5 things we love about Swift, which is why we highly recommend it to you. 

  1. Easy To Read: Swift, unlike most other scripting languages, is very readable. So, referring back to a code in the future becomes very easy. This expressiveness makes it a suitable “modern” coding language for today. This language is simple and very approachable for writing as well as reading.
  2. Programming Functionalities: It is not entirely a functional language. However, it is the right blend of high-order functions like filter, map, flatMap, and reduce. You might say that imperative tone is easier to read in functional chain coding since complexities get resolved. But give a thought to the functions of the high order end. These can be extra tools in your belt for specific cases. These functions can prove to be highly valuable. 
  3. Protocol-Orientation in Programming: POP or Protocol-oriented programs can be a bit tricky to sink in initially. However, the concept will eventually be clearer as you start using protocol extensions in your code. While using this, you will come across an endless number of possibilities in using protocols.
  4. Reduced Memory Footprint: Several third-party reusable codes are used in an open framework in application building. These codes are often static. The dynamism in the library was introduced by iOS with Swift on its launch. The stoic libraries get locked at the time of compilation and can be transformed into executable files. Hence, the loading time and size get substantially reduced. The automated update is not possible as they get locked into the stored version. It makes a big win for the dynamism. Since it exists out of the code and is uploaded as necessary in a dynamic library, the updates are automated. So, unlike a static library, only one copy file is enough for Swift’s dynamic library. 

After the 5.0 updated launch of the Swift library, the apps built on the platform will be smaller and advanced with better stability.

  1. Cross-Device Backup with Fully Potential Stack Package: The very active initiative by IBM has finally been a success. The coding language can now be put in the cloud. The server-end variant of it is capable of integrating many famous back-end technologies. If you choose to utilize this coding language for both frontends and back-end coding, it can be more useful than any JavaScript development more often than not. It allows reusing, more extensive coding shares, speeds up the development process, and substantially reduces the creative efforts.


Swift, despite being a newbie in the market, has created quite a storm and uproar. The countless success stories at Fireart Studio make us think it is the possible future of iOS Coding and development. So, we recommend all bosses gear up and strategize for a cost-effective change for the near future. Also, please share with us your successful Swift experience!


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