Jal Jeevan Mission: A Scheme by the Indian Government to Provide Clean Drinking Water to All 

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Water is the base of life on the earth. In order to survive on the earth, all living organisms need completely clean and fresh water. That’s why the earth is the only planet in the Solar System filled with life. Today, many rural places of India are under an intense drinking water crisis, specifically during the scorching heat. There, in search of water, people have to walk for many miles, which is the biggest struggle. And hopefully, this struggle will come to an end with the Indian Government’s Jal Jeevan Mission. This mission is aimed to solve the water problems of all the water-scarce areas. 

What Jal Jeevan Mission Aims to Sustain?  

The government of India introduced Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) to give safe and clean drinking water via tap water connections to all rural households till 2024. This mission will execute source sustainability standards as necessary elements, such as water conservation and collecting rainwater. This programme is based on a community method of water. JJM targets to offer vast details about clean water and enlighten people about water storage. JJM aims to develop awareness about rainwater collection amongst people. 

Important Things to Know About Jal Jeevan Mission   

1. The Jal Jeevan Mission points out to give working tap water connection to all rural households and villages in the water deficit and desert regions in the country.  

2. It intends to offer tap water connections to anganwadis, schools, healthcare centres, and community areas.   

3. This mission tracks the successful functionality of tap water connections and assures deliberate rights among the regional community.   

4. It assures the viability of the water supply system, i.e., water supply and water infrastructure.   

5. One of the goals of this mission is to increase awareness among the masses regarding different features and the importance of pure and clean drinking water. Also, involve the collaborators in a way that makes storage and sanitation of water everyone’s consideration.   

6. In the mission, the infrastructure of the piped water supply to give tap water connection to each rural household will be increased. Also, trustworthy drinking water sources will be created, and present water sources will be enhanced. 

7. It offers technological interference for treatment to make water drinkable where water quality is a problem but quantity is adequate.  

8. The mission intends to give utility household tap water connection to all households with a supply level of 55 litres per capita per day rate.  

9. For indicated delivery and tracking of particular results, each functional tap water connection is associated with the Aadhaar number of the main person of the household, subject to legal requirements. All assets made under Jal Jeevan Mission are geo-targeted. The states execute inspections by enlisted third-party agencies for all foundations developed under the Mission. The Government of India brings out functionality checks of plans, on the basis of which funds are made accessible to states or Union Territories.   

10. In the rural regions, to improve in-village water supply framework, water resource administration, source intensification or enrichment, allocation network, treatment plants, etc., incompetent, semi-competent and competent human resources are needed. In addition, there are acquisitions of different materials for water supply methods. This assists in producing employment and increasing the economy.   

11. As per the official data, approximately 43% of the rural population has been given tap water connections under the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM), with 100% of houses in 6 states and Union Territories having a supply of tap water.  

The Elementary Structure of Jal Jeevan Mission  

1. SWSM or State Water and Sanitation Mission  

2. NJJM or National Jal Jeevan Mission  

3. DWSM or District Water and Sanitation Mission  

4. Paani Samiti or Village Water Sanitation Committee (VWSC) – Gram Panchayat Sub Committee  


India’s Jal Jeevan mission is aimed at powering up the present water sources to fix different desalination plants and treatment plants in the coastal areas. This mission also points out that the present water connections and supply are functional, water quality is managed, and endurable agriculture is attained. In addition, Topline Industries takes the initiative to empower this mission by providing water tanks and pipes for clean water supply. 


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