HySafe: Turnkey Engineered Fall Protection Systems

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istockphoto 1298550035 170667a

HySafe offers a complete turn-key process for designing, customizing and installing safe, fall protection systems. Products include the HySafe Table (a portable fall protection system), the HySafe Mobile Unit (a mobile unit that can be used in any location), and our full line of hardware to design a complete safety program.

The HySafe table is available in multiple sizes and configurations to fit into almost any process or venue. With standard features such as adjustable height tables which allow operators to easily fit varying heights with backrests of their choice, we offer more options than any other competitor on the market.

Here some points are discussed about hysafe technology

1. The HySafe table has the advantage of being portable.

It can be used anywhere at any location. From having the table in a bar to putting the table in the kitchen, there are many options available. The table is easy to set up and use. There is little training required and once learned, employees can quickly put together and disassemble it as needed.

 It takes only one person to assemble or disassemble the unit. Wind or safety concerns are not an issue because of its additional safety restraints available with this device along with easy access for fall arrest systems if needed.

2. The HySafe table is safe.

The HySafe table has a protective barrier of rigid plastic mesh to protect the table and users from falling objects such as the bar counter. 

The HySafe is engineered to the highest fall protection standards made by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and ASTM International, the recognized safety testing organizations for fall protection systems for health care facilities and sports venues. 

All HySafe engineering complies with their standards which are more stringent than the legal requirements of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). HySafe has passed all government tests including UL’s fire as well as an extensive full-scale drop test verification in accordance with OSHA and ASTM standards.

3. The HySafe table can be installed quickly.

The HySafe Table, being a modular unit, can be quickly setup, assembled and taken down in no more than 30 seconds. This makes it ideal for applications such as bars or kitchens where operators need to set up tables as fast as possible and then when finished, need to remove the table to move on to set up another table. The quick and simple installation of the HySafe gives operators flexibility in choosing where and when they want their tables.

4. Control over fallers.

By providing the best mechanical advantage and quick setup, the user has complete control over the faller. With the HySafe system, you have control of the faller, so if there are any changes in height or issues with gravity such as breathing alcohol in a bartender situation, you can easily release them from their position. This way there is no argument about who will be at fault for their injuries.

5. The HySafe table offers maximum stability.

The HySafe table is of high durability and has a wide width to provide maximum stability for users. The table has a wide base to minimize the chances of tipping over, so the user will feel safe and comfortable when using our table. The rails of the table are made of sturdy tubular steel, which is more durable than any other material in the market.

6. The HySafe table can be customized.

HySafe is designed to fit your specifications. We offer a wide variety of features including color options, adjustable height and backrests as well as optional accessories such as document holders, mobile units and safety flag stands to meet any requirement needed for your fall protection needs. We even offer custom paint jobs if needed to fit any requirements or venues you may be working with.

7. The HySafe table offers value pricing.

Our tables are priced at an affordable rate. The cost-for-value is above any competitor in the industry and we do not have to sell our tables on a volume discount. We are proud of this fact and offer the best value for your money anywhere in the industry. In addition, we offer free shipping on all orders over $1000 within 48 contiguous states of the United States.

8. HySafe Table can be customized for your needs.

Depending on the need, we can make adjustments to fit your long term needs. For example, we offer shortening the height of our table or adding a backrest to accommodate taller users if needed. We also offer a variety of other options that can be customized to match any safety requirement needed such as rails for mobile units and safety flag stands.


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