How To Select Eladrin Names


Most people must have played the fantasy role-playing game named Dungeons & Dragons once in their life. It’s a very famous game around the globe. In this game, a player has to create characters who go on fantasy adventures. Also, there are many popular characters in this cool game, Eladrin is one of them. Eladrin is a character race of elves who are masters in both swords and magic. They are slim and have a height similar to humans. 

But their life expectancy is more than the humans as they can live for over 300 years. They just only face some ailments of old age. Eladrin doesn’t sleep, they enter a meditative environment called a trance. They fight with the evils to protect their lands. They also have very great names. So, have you ever thought about what your Eladrin name would be?

So in this article, you can find the different list for the names of the Eladrin characters. So keep reading this article and in the end, you will be able to pick a great name for your Eladrin character:

Eladrin names

If you are a fan of the Eladrin character, then you are at the correct place. You can give a great name to this character in the Dungeons and Dragon game. To make everything easy for you, we have come up with plenty of names for Eladrin. You can just check all the names and then you can select your perfect name as per your choice. 

We have lists for Eladrin names for both males and females. You can find the list for their last names as well. So check all the things for Eladrin names here:

Eladrin elf names

As we all know that Eladrin is a race of elves. An elf is a small creature with pointed ears with magical powers. But Eladrin is similar to humans in height. So, here you can find great names for the race of Eladrin. You can use these names in your gameplay. So just check the list of the names here:

  • Galinratra
  • Galreth
  • Licwirn
  • Haworn
  • Erecorin
  • Kuokris
  • Araaster
  • Fylageon
  • Jauvir
  • Krugeon
  • Eredon
  • Cordan
  • Zorvan
  • Dayecorin
  • Paepeiros
  • Relheros
  • Kuovis
  • Taverta
  • Vethmorn
  • Minster
  • Imvan
  • Krutihr
  • Vethster
  • Galinxis
  • Sarnbin

Eladrin last names

Eladrin have also interesting last names. If you want to give the proper name to your character of Eladrin, then you should also pick one last name from our list that we prepared for all of you. These last names are unique and very cool. So here are the last names for Eladrin race:

  • Halavanthlarr
  • Aeravansel
  • Elaéyadar
  • Felinaun
  • Nightwing
  • Shaurlanglar
  • Starglance
  • Tanagathor
  • Ibryiil
  • Irithyl
  • Lharithlyn
  • Meirityn
  • Haladar
  • Gourael
  • Lightshiver
  • Moonweather
  • Reithel
  • Runemaster
  • Cormyth
  • Faerondarl
  • Nhaéslal
  • Vyshaan
  • Brightcloak
  • Calaudra
  • Ceretlan

Eladrin female names

Eladrin females are very pretty, smart, and charming. So we have come up with great female names for the Eladrin character. So the females can use these names for their gameplay. So below is a list of the best female names for Eladrin race: 

  • Drissys
  • Nerilyn
  • Pitora
  • Durwyse
  • Orihanna
  • Rigrys
  • Riviryn
  • Naixis
  • Magneth
  • Qimynis
  • Salynna
  • Durqis
  • Zennairra
  • Merynna
  • Xyrlenae
  • Velabynn
  • Lyvviryn
  • Bethaea
  • Gylwena
  • Vacelle
  • Jelenlenae
  • Saparys
  • Kailenae
  • Gylsanna
  • Wesqis

Eladrin male names

Eladrin males look slim and athletic. They are very strong who live for many years. So you can also find great Eladrin names for the males. The males can use these names for their gameplay. So check the amazing list of the best male names for the Eladrin race: 

  • Corbin
  • Xandartis
  • Aratihr
  • Olayth
  • Vethgrephor
  • Imxis
  • Nalkul
  • Yanvan
  • Galratra
  • Viccorin
  • Narkyth
  • Narkemin
  • Fylamendi
  • Iraerta
  • Olagrephor
  • Araurian
  • Elroyth
  • Kuomeral
  • Panoros
  • Waltorin
  • Dayeemin
  • Horgrephor
  • Vethratra
  • Paefis
  • Aranis


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