How to blog on iphone

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lukas blazek GnvurwJsKaY unsplash

Writing has never been easier, with many apps to help you create stunning blog posts on your iPhone.

Blogging is a huge part of any website, and it can be hard to write well on your cellular device. 

There are some heavy duty laptop-sized devices out there for this purpose, but if you want to get started blogging right now, even if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, an iPhone is the perfect place to start.

Here is some information discussed about blogging apps for iphone.

Many different apps exist for blogging on iPhones and iPads including Blogger, WordPress Mobile Blogger & Newsstand App for iPad or iPhone , WordPress Reader Cloud Reader App , Tumblr Mobile App .

Here are some more information about How to blog on iPhone-

1. TinyMCE for WordPress Blogging

TinyMCE for WordPress is an app which enables you to edit your blog posts inside your mobile phone. 

Even if you are not a WordPress user, TinyMCE is still something good to have because many iPhone users are discovering all kinds of fun things they can do with their phones.

Most mobile blogging apps simply allow you to type out your blog post, but by using TinyMCE, you can really engage with your readers because there are so many different options that will help them participate. Check out this video tutorial if you want to give it a try.

2. WordPress Mobile Blogger & Newsstand App for iPad or iPhone

This is actually a full-featured WordPress app. With this app, you can write posts, edit pages or comments, and more. 

There are some additional tools that you won’t find with other blogging apps, like the media uploader tool that allows you to upload pictures while you are on the go without having to go through your computer first. 

This app is only available in Apple’s Newsstand library ,and while it costs $0.99, it is well worth the price because of the features included.

3. WordPress Reader Cloud Reader App

This is another full featured WordPress app for your iPhone device. It’s a bit different from the other apps in that it doesn’t have a full writing area. 

Rather, it has a “reader” format which you can scroll through and read your posts. This is great for people who already have an established presence on WordPress but want something they can use to write more on their iPhone. 

The app also enables you to search for specific posts or pages on your blog for easy browsing.

4. Tumblr Mobile App

This is one of the most popular blogging sites out there right now, and some people like it better than WordPress because Tumblr has fewer features and is easier to understand. 

It’s also easily accessible from an iPhone device with its own dedicated Tumblr app .

This app is different from the others in that it doesn’t really allow for editing of your posts. 

It’s more like a reader format, where you can scroll through and view your blog in a more simplified and easily readable format than the WordPress or Blogger apps. 

If you already have thousands of followers and want to stay with Tumblr, this is the best app for iPhone users.

5. Syntax Highlighter

This blogging tool was designed specifically to help teachers with their blogging needs. 

Teachers often need to add visual aids into their blogs that they can then post onto class websites or send home with students for homework assignments. 

Syntax Highlighter is a way for you to add images or any other images you can use to make your blog posts stand out more.

It’s a simple tool that is free and very easy to use. It doesn’t allow you to write your own blog posts, but it does allow you to insert images into the notes section. You can even add audio slides, if that’s what you would like to do. This app is only available through the iTunes Store.

6. Write Gadget

Sometimes, you need to be able to write an entire post without having to worry about the formatting. 

This app makes it easy for you to write things like blog posts, quotes, poems or anything else that you want to use as a literary piece. 

You can type out your text in your mobile phone or iPad, upload images or even videos to match the feel of your post. Then, choose the right font for it and you are ready to go. No editing required!

It’s available for both iPhone and iPad users. The free version allows you 10 texts per month and 2 megabytes of storage space. 

If that’s not enough then upgrade to the pro version which costs $4.99. You can also use this free software with your desktop or laptop computer, so if you really like it you can always stick with the desktop version of it.


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