How Practical Are Women’s Gun Holsters for Running?


Women who carry a gun for preparedness and self-protection, like all who carry firearms, need to have their minds constantly trained on situational awareness and the security of their equipment. That is one of the reasons that people who concealed carry are constantly training with their equipment. Preparedness is not just owning a gun, nor is it simply carrying it. If you are not proficient in the heat of the critical moment, carrying will have been for naught. 

In order to make gun owners more effective and more responsible, there is a large range of specialized holsters to meet the needs for the different carry situations that exist. Kydex holsters provide an excellent, secure fit and retention while giving the ability to leave the grip of the pistol exposed for a quick draw. Left-handed holsters, naturally, appeal to left-handed shooters. Belly bands often promise to offer comfort and security in a low profile design. There’s no shortage of varied designs in gun holsters, all of which promise something unique. 

That begs the question of what women with an active lifestyle should look for. It also raises the question of whether or not a specifically-designed women’s gun holster for running is worth it. 

In a word, it is worth it – provided it delivers on its promises. Just because a gun owner who happens to be a woman lives an active lifestyle and routinely jogs or runs does not mean she should need to compromise on personal security. 

The issue here is that there are a few “women’s gun holsters for running” that make big claims but fail to deliver on them. Many of them are richly decorated and so capture the attention of many buyers, but lack the basic functionality to make them safe, functional, or practical. As with any holster, function should take a precedent over form. 

At the same time, other holsters that are not specifically designed for running are unlikely to serve a practical use in such scenarios. Many OWB holsters and even IWB holsters ride heavily on one side of the body, which is uncomfortable and bounces during running. They also can shift on the belt or in the waistband, and frequently print the gun. 

That means interested women have a pronounced need for a gun holster for running that is thoughtfully designed, safe, practical, and comfortable. 

Women shooters should look for a purpose-built holster for running that will accommodate the curves of a female’s body. It should be comfortable and versatile, capable of being worn in multiple locations on the body. It should secure the firearm in a comfortable manner without printing its silhouette. It should wear comfortably without rolling, bouncing, or flopping on the body when the person wearing it is jogging, running, or riding a bike. 

It sounds like a lot of requirements, but there is such a holster for those who would take an interest in it. That holster can be found in the form of the PT-2 Concealment Holster that was designed by and is currently for sale by Pistol Wear. 

The PT-2 Concealment Holster provides for all of the considerations and then some. Comfortable and secure, it also fully encloses the firearm in a compartment with a rigid outer wall, contains a breathable belt with a perspiration barrier, and can even accommodate trigger guard mounted laser guards. 

It’s the kind of purpose-driven, inspired design that should be the rule throughout the industry. Nonetheless, the quality of this kind is exclusive to Visit their website to learn more about the unique PT-2 holster or to investigate other practical, groundbreaking options in concealment holsters including our new Lady Defender Concealment Holster which was designed for general carry purposes.


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