How Does the Android Tracker App Can Accelerate Employees Work Speed?


Every employer wants to accelerate employees’ work speed to get more productivity and to generate revenue. However, low productivity causes issues for business professionals for sure.  The lazy and unproductive workforce can destroy any business to the ground.  Therefore, make sure to accelerate employees’ work speed despite the seemingly active workers. The business digital devices need to be under constant surveillance to know employee’s activities to the fullest. Cell phones are more likely to distract employees from their workplace responsibilities. Business owners have to keep an eye on business owned android phones using the android tracker app to know about employees activities.

What is Android tracker software?

 It is a cell phone tracking app that works secretly on the target device. It enables you to discover every activity of the target device user. It empowers you to monitor cell phone screens in real-time and give insight into the online dashboard. Users can record and listen to cell phone calls and read text messages. Further, track emails sent and received on business owned android devices without employees knowing. Business professionals can track keystrokes and read social media conversations of employees on business phones. Employers get to know what employers up to during working hours.   

Reasons to track Employees’ work speed?

The low productivity of a business can decrease the revenue of business. So, prevent employees from goldbricking and from data breaching activities from business phones.  Online attacks, scams, phishing, and many others alike can decrease the productivity of a business. Employers should opt for the mobile tracker to know the employee’s activity during working hours. Constant checks on employees can make a difference and prevent them from unworthy browsing activities. Employers can get time-to-time reports of employees on business owned cell phones. Employees used to make phone calls during working hours on business android phones and tablets.  Now, the question arises of how employers can track android phones to accelerate employees’ work speed.

  • Cell Phone devices more likely to face cyber-attacks at the workplace because it is a soft target for hackers
  • Personal calls, messages, and emails sent can breach business privacy up to 30%
  • 71% of the people surveyed got distracted at the workplace because of social media usage
  • CareerBuilder study has found that more than 50% of employees are less productive due to an unethical work environment
  • 85% of employees worldwide are less productive due to personal activities at the workplace using digital devices, according to Gallup’s State of the local workplace 

Install Android tracker to accelerate the productivity of employees?

All you need to do is to install the best phone tracker on business devices. First, go and get the subscription by visiting the official webpage of android tracker app. You will get credentials through an email sent to you. Now get physical access to the target device to start the installation process. You can activate the secure web control panel after finishing the installation successfully. Further, get access to the powerful features to get the job done. 

Use Android tracker Features to accelerate employees work speed 

There are the following advanced tools of the Android tracker app to improve business productivity. You can further keep an eye on employees’ every activity to the fullest. 

Live screen recording

Users can keep an eye on digital devices provided to employees using a screen recorder. It empowers you to record the screen of the android device and save the recording to the dashboard. Business owners can watch the live activity of employees on the target device. You can watch screens and measure employee’s productivity during working hours.


Employers can capture the android device screen in real-time and send the captured images to the dashboard. Users can schedule plenty of screenshots and know what employees are up to on the target device. 


Employers can track employees working outside the company and get to know about their GPS location. It helps out employers to know about punctuality, and you can bring productivity out of your employees.

Email tracking

 You can monitor and read emails sent and received on an android device and get to know how your employees are dealing with your customers online. Email tracker enables you to have insight into the customer care emails.


Android tracker software is the best tool for employers to accelerate employees’ work speed during working hours. Further, safeguard your business by keeping an eye on workforce activities on business devices. You can get the best and all the information about TheOneSpy from the reading articles on TheOneSpy review


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