Do You Need An Animals? 10 ways

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An “animal” is a member of any of the major groups of vertebrates, including mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. In biology, “animal” might refer to any member of the Kingdom Animalia or more specifically to members of the subphylum Vertebrata. The term also commonly refers to all members of the class Mammalia (mammals) which includes all placental mammals and their monotremes, as well as some marsupials such as kangaroos. And try finding a giraffe lifting boy into air.

10 ways which will tell you the need for an animal:

1. An animal first appeared on earth 300 million years ago. There were two types of animals back then: one-celled organisms called Protists, and multicellular organisms called Fungi, algae and bacteria.

2. Another group of animals first appeared about 420 million years ago, when the first plants evolved from a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. These plants became the dominant life on Earth for the next 300 million years until mammals appeared 200 million years ago.

3. Humans are mammals and therefore animals .  Today we rely heavily on animals to feed us , provide us with transport and clothes , and even entertainment .  Plus many other services we take for granted ( insurance, banking , police ) are provided by animals .

4. There are about one billion animals on the planet today. They are used for food , clothing, oil , medical use , and entertainment .

5. We need animals in our ecosystem because we can’t survive without them.

6. Animals have been used in medicine for thousands of years because both humans and animals have the same organs and systems. Humans have internal organs that are very similar to those found in animals, such as lungs and blood vessels.  Therefore if we eat meat it is healthy because meat contains many different types of vital nutrients that humans need to survive called amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

7. We have the same systems in our bodies that we use in animals. If a person is injured or sick, there is a chance that we could call on an animal to help us. For example, horses are used for horse therapy.

8. Animals are used for entertainment.  This can be anything from riding horses, to playing with dogs and cats or watching birds or fish swim in the sea .

9. The constant presence of animals can be a nuisance and disturbance , especially for city dwellers . Some people choose apartments with a view of trees and parks because they like the sounds of birds singing from their windows . In some cities, you do not see many animals during the day because they are trying to stay away from humans

10. The lives of most animals today are short and cruel. They live in a world of fear, futility and suffering. In nature, the weak suffer, get sick or starve to death. Only the strong survive and reproduce.  Animals are regularly hunted , hunted or attacked by predators . They feel pain , fear and loneliness .

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Need an animal for the environment?

1. All the animals are needed for the environment because we need to maintain it.

2. Without animals, there would be no one to breathe oxygen, and if everything was dead then there would be nothing for us to live on.

3. There are many different kinds of animals in the world and they each have a special use in protecting or helping out humans, like police dogs and dolphins that help out humans with finding things and saving lives. The way they do this is by using their sense of smell much better than humans can do. In addition, they can sense movement in the water which makes it easier to follow something that is hard to see with human eyes.

4. Every animal out there has a purpose and they are needed, because without animals their own species would die out.

5. Animals are needed to keep the environment we live in from being destroyed by animals or people. We definitely wouldn’t want that to happen because then it would be very hard for us to live here, so it is important for the environment that we have the presence of these animals.

6. Animals are needed for our survival . They are very important in keeping things going on as normal as possible and if you take away all the animals then there would be nothing left to keep everything going on as normal as possible so we definitely need them around.

7. We have many animals like cats, dogs, guinea pigs and hamsters that help us with our everyday problems. Cats can be used to kill mice ( they will chase them down and kill them) which can be a problem if there are a lot of mice around; dogs can sense earthquakes before they happen; guinea pigs have been used to test new vaccinations on in order to keep us safe from diseases; and hamsters have been used in laboratories to test everything from shampoo ingredients to pesticides on. All of these animals are needed by humans for different reasons.


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