Cracking The Belly Movie Secret


As long as the internet is able to reach people, the perfect secret will remain. This movie has a wealth of secrets about belly dancing. The real secret would be too good for anyone to forget and take credit for in ten years. Belly movie cast.

There are various secrets of Belly movie 1998 that are uncovered here:

1. The movie was filmed in New York City.

It was in New York city where the belly movie released in 1998 was filmed. Hence, the movie will have a fresh setting that no one can miss.

2. The character actress Belly dancing is actually a man who was not thought to be acting in the film.

It is no surprise that there is a man who plays a leading role in the film and not women. Why?

Because, he thought, he was playing with other dancers in the movie but it turned out to be acting for Belly movie 1998. The man of course does not want to admit that he was obviously acting in the film. It seems to him like a coincidence or some misunderstanding that he played for belly dancing during this filming. He prefers to pretend that he is only being a dancer in the movie and plays the leading role in it purposefully.

3. The man who played Belly dancing in the movie at first did not even know what was going on!

He plays a leading role as a belly dancer in Belly movie 1998 however, he does not know what is going on during the shooting. It turns out after appearing for several scenes that he would have been involved in acting for Belly dance . He knows later that he has appeared as a character actor in the film; that he was acting for this film from start to end.

4. When the man who played the role of a belly dancing character knew what was going on, he was in distress!

It turns out that he did not even know about the filming for the Belly movie 1998. He did not know until after he appeared for the scenes. He became very distressed when he found out that he had been acting as a belly dancer in this film from start to end.


5. The man who played a leading role as Belly dancing was loved by everyone except Taral Hicks.

The man who played Belly dancing in this film and in other films too, is a well-known actor famous for his strong performances and unique charm among others which made him really popular and loved by viewers.

However, Taral Hicks had something different to say about him.

Taral Hicks is the lead actress in the 1998 Belly movie. She is the one who actually played the role of belly dance queen which makes her a real belly dancing princess in this film compared to other characters.

Although she played a leading role as belly dancing queen during the film, she was not loved by everyone.

It turns out that for some reasons, Taral Hicks did not like the actor who played the lead character of the belly dance queen because it seems he doesn’t like her and does not want to be seen with her in any circumstance. This can be said from his facial expression when he appears with her in these scenes.

However, Taral Hicks was loved by everyone except the man who played a leading role in the film as a belly dancing character.

This is why it’s important to note that even though the man who played a leading role in the 1998 Belly movie was a well-known actor, he did not get along with Taral Hicks at all.

6. The film will be released on VHS tapes soon!

The director of Belly movie 1998 had a special plan because he wanted his film to be released on VHS tapes in the near future, like every other film being released at that time. He even recruited a director who has direct experience in making this kind of tapes before, so that he can be able to discuss the idea with him and see if it’s possible.

The crew was already getting ready for the shooting in New York City. They were getting ready to start the filming when they found out that they would not be able to film on stage.It turns out that there is some building which they were supposed to shoot on during the filming.

7. The man who did Belly dancing could not believe this at first!

You would think that a belly dancer could not possibly play a leading role in any film because he or she is known for dancing and not acting. Most people expect this person to be a woman.

This is exactly what the actor who played Belly dancing thought too. He apparently did not know that there are men who play this role and not women. As a matter of fact, he was confused and it looked like he was about to faint because of all these ideas when the filming for Belly movie 1998 began and he discovered that he could have been acting for Belly dance in the film after all.


The man who played a leading role in Belly dance was also famous and known for his strong performances. At first, he did not know what was happening during the filming or when he appeared with Taral Hicks. However, it appears that he found out about it later on during the shooting. This film reveals many secrets such as the man who plays a leading role in Belly movie 1998 did not know what was going on during the filming and how other characters felt after finding out they were actually acting all along.


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