Brutal Truths About Iphone

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The latest device to hit the market is hands down one of the most interesting in our lifetime. It might be easier to buy at this point than it would be to find a charging station in your local mall, but there are many upsides that should make you consider purchasing your very own iPhone. However, before you take the dive into Apple’s latest gadget like iphone xs max ashes of the singularity images and spend your hard earned money on what will probably become a fashion statement of tomorrow, read on for 10 brutal truths about the iPhone.

1. Your Battery Will Not Last For An Entire Day

The iPhone is the single greatest advancement in portable electronics. It makes life so much easier. Do people pack their laptops and all those other machines every day anymore? Of course not. They use their phones to take photos, send texts, surf the net, do research, and more; all tasks that require a fully charged device. Deciding whether or not to bring your iPhone with you can be hard. Don’t be stuck with a dead battery. Charge up at least once before leaving your home for the day (or before you start your workday).

2. It Will Cost You A Fortune

The iPhone brings price to its customers in the form of a cool device, but it is not cheap. Instead of splurging on a new model every other year, let’s get real: you can get the same phone-type features with a less expensive phone. Your own personal smartphone is going to have to have all those features you would really need—camera, GPS, and more—so if you don’t want your iPhone to be more expensive than all your friends’, think twice before buying it.

3. You Have To Buy More Batteries

You’ll find that with each purchase of an iPhone battery will cost you more than the last. Why? Because Apple is known for making the batteries , other companies are forced to make their batteries work with the iPhone. Apple is a monopoly, and if it wants a new feature in one of its products, it can likely get that feature on the heels of the old feature being discontinued. However, don’t blame Apple for this; by making its product incompatible with other brands, it forces people to keep buying its stuff.

4. The Android Is Faster

This is one thing you may want to swallow your pride and consider. Not only can you get more done on your Android phone than on your iPhone, but Android has become faster over time as newer models have appeared and Google has tweaked the system. A recent study compared the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy S II and stated that the iPhone lost in most tasks related to application performance while gaining in others. However, it is too soon to tell whether downloading apps has made up for this.

5. It Is Expensive

Even though you are paying a higher amount of money for your phone than ever before, you could be paying way more than that if you were to buy an Android instead. Unless you’re a wiz-kid at Google’s applications or Apple’s iOS operating system, you may want to think twice before buying an iPhone unless it is a very special case when something needs its specific software interface or functionality.

6. You Have To Buy More Apps

This is another disadvantage of buying an iPhone. You have to pay for many apps that you could get for free or a limited charge on your Android phone. If you’re planning to use your iPhone for business and make it a tool you can use to make money, you’ll need more applications than the average user. These applications will cost you more in the long run, which is something most people never think about when they buy their phones.

7. It Is Slower Than An Android

Most applications are less developed and of poorer quality than their Android counterparts; however, some are better than their Android counterparts as well. While the iPhone is faster than your daily driver, you are still going to feel like a snail when using an Android. Especially when you consider how most of these applications work and that the iPhone has been stuck at the same speed since it was released three years ago.

8. It Is Wiser In Some Ways

The iPhone is especially wise when it comes to taking pictures and drawing or mapping out something complex on a grid. You probably won’t take an Android with you so much, but many people do take the iPhone everywhere they go because it is nearly as easy to use as a laptop or tablet.

9. You Can’t Find The Apps You Need

Due to the fact that Apple controls the App Store and thus the applications inside it, some apps that do not need to be there might make your iPhone worse at doing what you need it to do. These are apps that are not necessary for you to use your iPhone, but could make it even better by letting you access content or speed up a process.

10. It Has Some Flaws

The iPhone is generally easier for people to use than an Android phone because of its simpler interface; however, this comes with a problem: less people will be able to use their iPhones as often as they could their Android phones.


No matter the features you want and the screen size you need, a high-end iPhone will prove to be cost prohibitive for most people. Although it may be faster in some ways, an Android could probably give you what you need and do it better. Unless your iPhone is a collector’s item or an item that only you can use because of its special applications, consider investing in another brand. You’ll find that you have much more money in your pocket with only half the money spent on your cell phone plan.


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