Best Surrogacy in Ukraine: How to Approach It?

Best Surrogacy in Ukraine

When it comes to a new step in life, when two partners plan to have a baby, everything is not always as bright as expected. There might be physical issues that do not allow conceiving a baby or some personal determinations about adoption. Another aspect is when partners start thinking about an alternative option – the best surrogacy in Ukraine. If you wonder whether it is possible in this country, read below to find out the perks of the program and the procedure itself.

What about the Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Let’s start with a legal aspect. Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine is entirely legal. With World Center of Baby, Ukraine surrogacy agency, intended parents may familiarize themselves with the program, eligibility criteria, cost and have the hustle and bustle-free experience until becoming parents. 

The programs available in this country protect both the surrogate and intended parents. Since you are a concerned person who wants to learn more about your rights of signing up for the program, you should know the following:

  • According to the law, your chosen surrogate mother won’t have any rights as a mother for the child. The whole program and the fact of being involved in gestational surrogacy stay confidential, while your and your partner’s names are only specified on the original birth certificate.

It means that upon enrollment to the program, a surrogate signs a contract that confirms she has no rights and intentions of claiming that it is her baby.

As was hinted above, the ideal variant for you to have a smooth experience is to rely on a designated agency like the World Center of Baby. You will discuss all your preferences and proceed with picking the best surrogate. After that, your surrogate mother will be obliged to undergo clinic medical checkups and tests every 2 weeks after confirming the pregnancy. To rest assured about the surrogate, a perfect candidate is accepted for the program only after the confirmation of the absence of HIV, syphilis, Hep B, C, and TORCH infections. 

What about programs for gay couples – the LGBTQ community? With the World Center of Baby, you can be offered the programs with countries where the law permits them. 

Finally, what stays behind the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine? The cost is a complex aspect that may vary on several factors like country, surrogate fees, and medical expenses. Ideally, you can learn the average price on one or another forum dedicated to such programs or directly with your agency. The best surrogacy agency in Ukraine will make advances with your comfort so that you can pay in 4 installments. Their prices fit various paying capacities, so compared to the policies in the USA, you will definitely save money.

So, surrogacy in Ukraine is possible and even favorable because of laws for the intended parents. The best way to approach it is to rely on trustworthy agencies rather than doing it all alone.


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