Bespoke CCTV Camera Installations for 24-hour security in a variety of conditions:-


CCTV Camera:

Protect your possessions with our expert business CCTV systems, which use high-tech technology including Infrared competence and High Definition cameras to observe your goods, people, and operations 24-hours a day. At Pacetech we hub on creating tailored solutions to suit your requirements – whether you only require a perimeter CCTV camera or a more incorporated solution that places cameras in tactical positions in and around your property, we’re able to identify and install a system that covers all angles essential.

Commercial Security Cameras for Your Business:

Our security camera system installation experts can give a broad variety of commercial security cameras, depending on the exceptional needs of your business. We present the most advanced cameras on the market, as well as VMS and video analytics software to enlarge the reach of your surveillance system. Whether your objective is loss preclusion, presentation tracking, or to get rid of violent crime, a Safe and Sound security camera installation service supplier can assist you to get it done.

  • Detect and stop crimes: Surveillance cameras keep an eye on your business endless, sending alerts any time an offense is detected.
  • Amplify the scope of security guards: Combining surveillance camera installation with guards lets every guard view lots of areas of your business at once.
  • Reduce business liability: Our camera installation service providers make sure you have obvious and effortlessly available recordings to invalidate any false claims.
  • Monitor work progress: Security cameras let you distantly keep an eye on work growth, ensure security protocols are met, and implement quality control at all times.

Advanced technology from Clarus Systems:

Keeping your business safe is a pinnacle main concern, and using CCTV systems can considerably develop your capability to do so. From the untimely discovery of criminal or disruptive behavior outside your premises to monitoring and recording of the event within, including any accidents, the best CCTV systems can assist you to keep track of all activity in and around your business.

At Pacetech we give better performance, capacity, and suppleness from a diverse series of digitally-enhanced apparatus including High Definition cameras, intelligent storage, and reclamation processes, offsite monitoring and retort, and assimilation with corresponding security systems.

Our systems offer:

  • Crime prevention, detection, and monitoring
  • Clear images, day and night at ranges up to 30 metres
  • Audible warnings to deter intruders
  • Automatic connection to a remote video receiving centre
  • Access to your business CCTV from anywhere

Integrated solutions mean that even when you’re not at your grounds you can make sure your cameras through your smartphone or other internet-enabled devices. That means you’ll forever recognize what is going on, even if you’re abroad. And you’ll also feel safer when you and your employees are at your premises, with incorporated CCTV Camera solutions giving you complete exposure of what is happening around your business, and who is coming and going. 

Increased security with CCTV monitoring:

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) monitoring is vital in ensuring the security of possessions. Having CCTV cameras or even signs that advise about CCTV monitoring in perceptible places prevents damage and theft. CCTV monitoring can also perk up the security of the people working on the premises. Typical CCTV-monitored premises comprise IT rooms, loading bays, lobbies, entrances, and parking lots. 

When making tactics for a CCTV monitoring system, one has to get into account the technical necessities in terms of lighting and other circumstances as well as the applicable regulation. For that reason, one should for all time leave the preparation and execution to a professional. Regular continuation will make sure that client equipment functions without problems all through its whole life.

We are a vendor-independent system provider and we have a product portfolio that covers the requirements of our customers today and also is future-proof and lucrative over time. We are an expert company for facilities for CCTV according to SSF1061 which makes sure our proficiency and deliveries.

Cloud-Based CCTV Installers:

Safe and Sound CCTV installers offer a broad range of premium cloud security cameras, united with pioneering cloud-based software. Cloud-based surveillance system installation allows business admins and operators to remotely register on facilities at any time, and from any place, using a smartphone app or web browser. Immediate alerts also assure you never neglect a crime.

  • Mobile Credentials: Let employees and visitors enter the building using recommendations on their smartphone, get rid of physical keys.
  • Quick Access Sharing: Authorize admins to deal out mobile keys and momentary passes to workers and visitors.

Centralized Management: combine your security system into a user-friendly platform, accessible from your mobile device.


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