Benefits of NetSuite-Shopify integration for ecommerce businesses!


The structure of any online business is critically dependent upon the data received from users landing on the website. Now, the success of an online business depends upon its architecture to process and analyze the data. Online businesses, especially ecommerce stores need a smooth flow of data between various business functions for proper handling and analysis.

For instance, data received from customers through an online order will have to move to the fulfillment and accounts department for successful accomplishment of operations. Moreover, the data needs to be sent to the sales and marketing departments for analyzing the users’ behavior and come up with intuitive and personalized marketing/sales campaigns for future business deals.

Given the massive significance of data, it’s unfortunate to see many ecommerce businesses suffering from errors and incompetence in data handling. Unstructured and disorganized handling of data not only leads to failure to achieve fulfillment goals but also restrains the growth of online businesses.

NetSuite ERP – The dominant ERP solution for ecommerce businesses

NetSuite Shopify is the world’s leading ERP platform that is powering hundreds of thousands of businesses globally. The system is widely applauded for its high-level customization features that allow online businesses to effectively manage their daily operations, as well as streamline workflow processes. The ERP platform offers various modules for individual business functions like accounts, payroll, marketing, sales, finance, and others. All of the modules offered by the system enable businesses to adapt to best industry practices, as well as, customize as per their requirements.

Shopify – NetSuite Integration – Powering the Ecommerce Businesses!

Shopify is one of the most widely used ecommerce web development platforms that comes with its massive data management capabilities. The platform is lauded for its superior functions and features that enable smooth data flow across different business functions. This not only helps ecommerce businesses to improve coordination and efficiency but also helps them to better manage the data as they grow.

While Shopify brings some impressive data handling and analysis functionalities, the platform has certain limitations as an ERP system. Shopify inherently lacks the functionalities to manage accounts and other ERP related services. For this reason, the platform is more dependent upon third-party ERP systems to effectively manage various business functions smoothly.

That’s where Shopify integration with NetSuite ERP can further improve the features and functionalities of the system.

NetSuite is one of the most powerful and robust cloud-based ERP platforms. The platform is primarily meant to improve the efficiency and capacity of handling massive data for accounting and financial purposes. NetSuite ERP can be integrated with various ecommerce platforms, where it reinforce the capabilities of the stores to share, handle, and analyze data, as well as, perform predefined tasks. By structuring, and organizing the data, NetSuite enables the businesses to scale at their own pace and keep up with their business growth.

Integration of NetSuite ERP platform with Shopify stores adds to the competitive advantage of ecommerce businesses. The integration not only enables businesses to better manage their daily operations but also assists them in planning and implementing the business growth strategies. The integration of these two robust concurrent platforms improves the visibility of key business performance areas like inventory management, as well as, enhanced multichannel customer experience.

Benefits of NetSuite – Shopify Integration

–         Low-cost integration

As a cloud-based ERP platform, NetSuite is offered as a SaaS solution for ecommerce businesses, which means lower cost of implementation. The platform can easily be integrated with different ecommerce platforms including Shopify. Also, as a SaaS-based system, it allows businesses to choose only the modules they need for their store; thus fitting into budgetary limitations of most small and medium-sized businesses.

–         Unified Platform for Ecommerce business management

NetSuite ERP serves as a unified solution to manage all aspects of online business. The system is developed to streamline and automate various business functions, saving time and money for businesses. The platform allows seamless travel of data across the entire business ecosystem, thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of businesses. With the NetSuite integrated for Shopify stores, ecommerce businesses will never again have to work manual entries for data entry, transfer, or sharing.

–         Intelligent Decision Making

NetSuite ERP solution not only streamlines and automates the business functions, but it also brings in powerful reporting and analytical tools. The intuitive and interactive dashboard ensures business leaders and decision-makers can access real-time insights into the performance of different business functions. The NetSuite reporting tools offer interactive reports in different formats, thus allowing for a better understanding of business performance. This ensures that business leaders and decision-makers are well-aware of the performance of different business functions and take intelligent data-backed decisions to throttle business growth.

–         Scalability to meet needs of growing businesses

As a SaaS business model, NetSuite ERP can be integrated with the Shopify store or Netsuite magento store, as per the requirements of the business. The platform offers complete scalability to support business growth vertically, as well as, horizontally. 

The support for vertical scalability means businesses are able to add as many users as they want to the system. Whereas, horizontal growth support assists businesses to add more modules as they scale. This means any ecommerce business can choose NetSuite integration for the Shopify store with the assurance to be backed-up completely as they grow to a national or international level.

With so much benefit to rejoice, just make sure to go with certified and experienced integration experts like Folio3 for NetSuite – Shopify integration for hassle-free implementation and optimal utilization of the platform.


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