Beginner’s Guide- How to play buried beneath the ground. Who knows where it’s found?

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The first step to getting started is to find a burial beneath the ground. What you’re looking for is an abandoned mine. 

Now you’ll need a pick and shovel before we can begin our journey of discovery!

There’s often some neat science or history tucked away in these old mines, but more importantly, they also offer plenty of treasure.

Just make sure it’s not too hard to dig through! Remember: Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know; start where there’s some light, you might discover something special that’s waiting just beyond the darkness.

The answer is here for, osrs buried beneath the ground who knows where it’s found?

Once you choose a mine, remember: You must carefully plan your route as there may be traps and pitfalls. Remember: Your goal is to find as much as you can as quick as you can!

What do we hope to find? 

Anything we can that we could possibly use. Sometimes this involves gold or other precious jewels, but that’s merely an added perk. 

This is just a treasure hunt for hidden items and the occasional treasure chest! We might not be able to open it, but we will at least know exactly where it is at all times.

Here are some points discussed about How to play buried beneath the ground-

1. Pick and shovel: 

You need at least one pick and shovel. The pick is used to dig up treasure, while the shovel will be needed for removing soil and rocks.

2. A good flashlight: 

To navigate through the dark tunnels, you’ll want a flashlight. This helps in looking things up in your inventory, as well as seeing what you’re digging at when using the pick to dig into the ground.

3. A map: 

While we can’t help but explore these mines and find them before writing how to play buried beneath the ground, we do recommend that you try and keep a map of these mines in your inventory so you can easily find them whenever you choose to revisit one.

4. A hammer: 

It may sound odd, but a hammer is another useful item to have when digging around in old mines. Oftentimes there are rocks that were previously buried that will either fall off on their own or become dislodged by you digging them up. 

A hammer can be used to help you push these rocks out of the way, while also filling your inventory with items that may prove helpful later on.

5. A notebook: 

This is perhaps the most important item of all, so it’s worth mentioning more than once. These old mines are filled with an awful lot of dirt and debris. 

How to play buried beneath the ground assumes you’ll need a place to write everything down. A notebook is a good way to do this. 

Even if you don’t feel like writing down absolutely everything, it’s a great way for you to record all of the different locations of the mines, as well as what you found there.

6. A gun: 

In our opinion, this option might not really be necessary, but if you’re playing how to play buried beneath the ground on an emulator or 3DS then it’s definitely something that should be present in your game when using flashcarts.

In the first step, 

In the front of the ground, you have to choose a hidden mine by using a map or a guide. Make sure that it’s an abandoned mine, because an active mine will have too much security and you won’t be able to enter it easily.

The second step

To prepare your tools before going down into the mine. You should use a pick and shovel as well as a flashlight. It helps you find your way in those tunnels and avoids those nasty traps without trouble caused by those monsters!

In the third step, 

You have to choose a good route for yourself before going down. The best way is to use the map as your guide. But make sure you don’t get lost!

The fourth step is,

To dig up the dirt and rocks scattered around the mine. Don’t be afraid of it! The more things you dig up, the more stuff will be found in your inventory!

The fifth step is,

To keep on exploring the mine. Sometimes you’ll find unusual things, like jewels or gold. But remember, not all of the mines are filled with treasure…so it’s up to you!

Finally, in the last step, you have to search through all of your stuff before going out of the mine, don’t forget your flashlight and notebook!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully reached this final stage! Good luck!

The game ends when you get hit by any monster while traversing through a dungeon or when there are no territory left for you to explore or destroy any enemies found in your way.


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