Avoid The Top 10 ASIAN FOOD Mistakes

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Many people enjoy the delicious flavors of Asian cuisine. But it seems that much of what’s served is often inconsistently made and contains ingredients that not all people enjoy, like Spam or prawns. And while there are some things you might order with your eyes closed, there are plenty of dishes that you should be more careful about ordering. How to make worm food in terraria?

That’s why we’ve put together this post on the top 10 mistakes people make when ordering Asian food — so head over for all the info!

1. Ordering Way Too Much

You’ll often hear people comment about how much food you get in a single dish, but that’s only when you order a small portion of an entree. When it comes to Asian food, it’s not always a bad idea to go large. For example, some of the best dishes are large enough that they’d come with their own steamer — so if you want lots of noodles or rice with your meal, go with the largest dish they offer.

2. Ordering Noodles Topped With Cheese

Noodles and stir fry dishes are great at quickly cooking up and many people enjoy having some cheese on top while they eat. But beware, as many Asian cheeses are processed and contain all sorts of ingredients that you may or may not like. You can ask them to leave it off, but they won’t always do it. So, if you want noodles with cheese, make sure it’s real, unprocessed cheese like cheddar or mozzarella.

3. Not Knowing How Hot Is “Hot”

Some people say they love spicy food when what they really mean is that they enjoy some mild heat. When you order Asian food, don’t just say that you want it “hot” — specify if you want it mild, medium, hot or Thai hot. That’s because Thai food is among the spiciest around and if you’re not ready for it, they will happily make your dish extra spicy.

4. Ordering A Veggie Stir Fry

Many people enjoy a veggie stir fry at home, but when they go out they tend to order the same thing over and over again. In the U.S. most Chinese restaurants offer a veggie option (which is less spicy than the regular dish), but when you’re in Asia, that’s almost always missing. Ask them if they can make a veggie sauce with the other ingredients instead — some places make their own sauces and do an excellent job at it.

5. Ordering Fried Rice With Chicken

Unlike American fried rice where chicken is often added to the dish, Chinese fried rice dishes often only have meat served on top of the rice. So, before you order this dish make sure they’ll add chicken if that’s what you’re expecting. It doesn’t usually go together very well if you don’t want any meat on your plate, so be sure to tell them up front.

6. Ordering “Vegetarian”

While it may not bother some people to see shrimp or other seafood in their Chinese dish, others may find it a bit gross. When you go out for Chinese food you’ll notice that the menu always has an option for vegetarians which is a noodle dish with bits of veggies in it. Just make sure to specify no fish, eggs or other seafood if that’s not what you want in your dish.

7. Ordering Fish With Extra Creamy Sauce

If you like your fish fried and covered in a creamy sauce, then this tip isn’t for you. But if you like your fish stir fried with veggies, you may be in for a treat. When ordering seafood like fish, make sure it’s specially prepared so it tastes crispy and doesn’t taste like it’s swimming in peanut butter.

8. Not Knowing How To Order

If you can read Chinese or otherwise know how to order food in Mandarin, then that’s great. But if not and you’re gobbling down dim sum without knowing the local lingo, your experience may be bitter. So even if you can’t say the words, at least look up what certain dishes mean (example: steamed pork dumplings) and know how to say that when you place your order.

9. Ordering Fried Rice With Prawns

While fried rice is a common dish for many cultures, not all people enjoy it with prawns. While some people like the taste of shrimp, others may find them too chewy. So, before you order make sure that you’ll get just rice and not the dish with shrimp on top.

10. Not Knowing How The Food Prepared

At some restaurants they’re able to prepare foods in a way that allows them to make it look like they’ve been cooked for days while they’re actually only ready in a few minutes — so be sure to ask if there’s someone at your restaurant who can tell you how their food is prepared.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to mess up your Asian food order. So, be sure to read this article and know exactly what you’re getting before you order — so that your next experience is a delicious one!


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