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The Aristotle Books Selection is a series of books, composed of practical knowledge and lessons about human activities. The selection encourages readers to use the wisdom of the ancients for their own benefit. 

The series offers readers total knowledge in both ancient and modern concepts, though these times are changing rapidly. 

This selection is intended to help students better understand not only the importance of what they learn, but also how it can help them grow personally and professionally into their future lives.

These books are only the beginning of Aristotle’s teachings. The books may act as an introduction to more important knowledge about Aristotle and the concepts he teaches. 

The entire selection is also available online at many different websites, where one can browse or search for certain topics or words.

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The Complete Books Selections consists of six books. In the first book is a map of the Greek city-state, which was called the “Polis.” 

This map shows where Aristotle’s school, called the Lyceum, was located. The last book is on ethics, which means how one should behave. This book contains some of Aristotle’s most famous thoughts about ethics and more.

Here are some points discussed about Aristotle Books Selections-

1. What are some of the main themes of Aristotle’s philosophy?

Aristotle believed that only a virtuous life can truly make a person happy. He called this concept “eudaimonia,” which is Greek for “good spirit.” 

This term is often used interchangeably with “happiness” because eudaimonia is more about how one lives their life rather than what one does to make themselves feel good. 

The goal of all people should be to become virtuous, or morally good. 

According to Aristotle, one cannot simply do good deeds and expect to be considered morally good; they must live a life devoted to moral reasoning and virtue.

Aristotle believed that all people were born with a natural instinct for what is good and what is bad. This idea is called the “natural virtue.” 

One function of reason is to control and guide the natural virtue. Aristotle believed that those who do not use reason as a way to govern their life will probably lead a life of vice.

2. What are some of Aristotle’s main philosophical concepts?

Aristotle believed that the most important task in life was the development of virtue. Virtue is a type of good that is independent of other things. 

Aristotle wrote that there were three types of virtue: moral, intellectual and active, and he explained each type in detail. He believed that all people have some natural instinct to know what is right and wrong, and this sense can be stimulated by reason and learning. 

He also described the virtues as being necessary for happiness because without them, one cannot develop a complete character or personality.

3. Describe Aristotle’s belief in a life of reason and virtue.

Aristotle believed that one’s life should be ruled by reason. He wrote that there were two types of activities that one could engage in: “automatically” and “disciplined.” 

Automatically is the activity of one who does not think about what they are doing, but rather their subject comes from outside themselves. In this case, our character would have little to say about how we behave. 

On the other hand, being disciplined means an activity where we actively pursue our goal by thinking about it beforehand. In this case, a person will have a definite purpose in life and will put a great deal of time and energy into achieving it. 

Aristotle felt that the latter of these two types of activity is what will produce a virtuous character.

4. What does Aristotle describe as the main goal of human life?

Aristotle believes that the ultimate goal of human life is happiness, which can best be described as “an active life of virtue.” 

He believes that happiness cannot be fully found in external things, but rather in our character and conduct. 

He believes that there are three things that need to happen for one to achieve this type of happiness: one must have good reasoning skills, they must have good moral habits, and they must be involved in activities they enjoy.

5. What was Aristotle’s idea of happiness?

Aristotle believed that the purpose of life is to live a happy life. He also believed that it was through this concept of happiness that we get the most pleasure out of our lives. 

Happiness, according to Aristotle, is not an emotion or an intuition; it is a formless state in which one will experience all emotions and intuitions in some way. He felt that one can find it through the development of virtue and character.


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