5 Telecommunication Engineer Certification Courses

Telecommunication Engineer

The speed and efficiency that modern communication provides us are impressive. Communication helps to smoothen the process by sharing relevant information with the right person. The main aim of telecommunication is to keep the masses updated on the current happening from around the globe. It has also been observed that countries with better communication systems and infrastructures are developing at a better rate as compared to those countries that don’t have them. 

Gradually, the sector of telecommunication is becoming broader and of more importance to the human species. Thus, many courses and seminars are being launched to inform potential individuals about communication as a career. Here are 5 telecommunication engineer certification courses that can give you a boost start for your professional career.

1. Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP)

A person having a CDCMP certification develops an efficient marketing policy along with using the management effectively so that the company can meet the desired requirements easily. The course will help you tackle the complex technical aspects of information hub equipment while mastering operating facilities. 

The training period will enable the candidate to get an overview of the tangible infrastructure element. Moreover, the methodology to manage ongoing projects enables the delivery of composite data center projects.

2. iNarte telecommunications certification 

The course is for professionals who are already involved in the operation, science, and practice of planned communication by electromagnetic means. Although there is no test or examination for the same, an FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) is a must to enroll in the course. 

Certified professionals, which includes technicians and engineers, are offered jobs in every related field. The telephone/communication industry, airline industry, oil/gas industry, radio communication industry, the broadcast industry, etc are some sectors that provide jobs for iNarte certified employees.

3. Basics of the telecommunication network

This course is offered by Udemy and deals with the basics of telecommunication networks. Someone new to this field can join the course and get their concept clear. The training focuses on the foundation of telecommunication covering fixed/wireless system architecture, Wireless network planning, Osi models, and theories of frequencies and spectrum. 

 Additionally, at the end of the course, a quiz or a test is conducted to evaluate how much an individual has acquired. 

4. NCTI: Master Technician 

The course allows you a high-level certification offered by NCTI. Your knowledge here can also drive you to a normal certification, training certification application, or university-level degree. Hence you’ll be able to get a broadband and telecom education in several forms. According to stats, more than 500,000 learners have already enrolled themselves in this course.

5. TCO CTA Certification 

Being the most popular course among the masses, CTA certification validates your knowledge of networking fundamentals, datacom, languages, buzzwords, including top technologies, and resolution. The course has the potential to enhance your career in the telecommunication industry while exposing you to extensive telecom, datacom, and network information. 


With the ever-increasing effect of communication in our day-to-day life, it has become a necessity to at least understand the basics of networking and telecommunication. The course provides you with all the important concepts and practices of the telecommunication industry that can help you build an engaging and strong portfolio. 


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