5 Dusting Hacks For A Perfect Clean Home

Clean Home
Clean Home

A clean, dust-free home is not only helpful for your mental health but also for your physical well-being. Your home’s air quality will be improved the less dust there is in the space. The routine of cleaning includes dusting, which is quite essential. Before we start cleaning with other tools, it’s the first thing we do. The entire purpose is to get rid of all the dust on various surfaces so that it can land on the floor, which is what we tackle last. These time-saving tips for dusting will help to make the work simpler.

Easy dusting hacks

Don’t forget the walls

You should clean the walls of the house, among other things. You shouldn’t clean them with a dirty cloth; instead, use a clean one. Often you are unaware of how much dust is adhered to your walls. A vacuum cleaner can be used for this purpose as well since it can easily remove dust particles. In order to lessen the amount of dust in your home, it’s essential to periodically clean up the fine dust particles. If you cannot find the time for regular cleaning, you can hire expert housecleaning services for help.

Use a microfiber cloth

The unique texture of microfiber cloths makes them perfect for dusting electronics like TVs, PCs, and phones. Cleaning your electronics frequently is the easiest way to keep them free of dust. Wipe down surfaces such as displays, faces, tops, and sides using a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Use the vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment to get rid of any visible residue once you’ve cleaned them up.

Apply a little wax

It takes a lot of labour to thoroughly clean the vents and appliances in your house. These appliances are prone to attract a lot of dust, and even after using cleaning sprays, the dust will eventually settle again. Applying wax to these gadgets will prevent this occurrence. A coating of cleaner wax applied on the surface prevents dust from settling and keeps the equipment dust-free for a long time. Additionally, wax helps keep the product’s lustre.

A lint roller

For those of us who own pets, a lint roller is as valuable as gold as it helps get stubborn pet fur off your upholstery and carpets. However, a lint roller still works wonderfully even if you don’t own a pet. It’s the ideal tool for removing dust from any textile surface, including draperies, sofas, and even the keyboard of a laptop. You can also use it to remove any stray dust particles from your coat or shirt.

Use unwanted socks

Although it may seem strange to some of us, this is perhaps a very useful tool. Put a woollen sock on your hand when dusting if you believe it irritates your hands or if you don’t want to ruin your manicured hands. Once the sock has accumulated enough dust, you can wash it later. This method might be useful for cleaning surfaces in general, blinds, hard-to-reach places in drawers, and even corners of the floor.


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