27 of the Hardest Riddles Ever. Can You Solve Them?

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istockphoto 1251420519 170667a

If you’re looking for a good brain teaser, we’ve got 27 of the hardest riddles out there. 

And don’t worry about feeling stupid, we assure you that these riddles will leave even the smartest person staring perplexed and scratching their head. 

Below are 27 of our toughest riddles, but rather than try to work them out, we’ll just leave them for you to solve. Good luck!

Here is the solution for this riddle, if albert’s son is my son’s father?

Can you figure out the answers to these mind-benders? Share your answers in the comments.

Some of them are pretty easy and can be solved in seconds, but others are seriously hard to crack!

Take a look and see if you can figure out what the answers are:

1. What color do snowmen like to wear? 

Answer- White

2. What country is known for its chocolate? 

Answer- Italy

3. What two foods do dwarves like to eat? 

Answer- Garlic and cheese

4. When, exactly, is it the longest night of the year? 

Answer- On July 15th at 7:58 PM (It would be at this time every year)

5. What kind of flower grows in meadows? 

Answer- The bluebell (Also known as “The English Bluebell”)

6. Why can’t a monkey pick up a banana? 

Answer- Because monkeys are colorblind.

7. What kind of animal is this?

Answer- The giraffe

8. How many miles do fish swim in 1 year? 

Answer- 330,000

9. Which animal has the longest neck? 

Answer- The giraffe (Males can grow to 15 feet tall)

10. Why does a cow carry its tail around with it? 

Answer- Cows are afraid of losing their tails. (This was disproved by scientists at the University of California at Davis.)

11. What shape is the skin on your thumb like? 

Answer- Triangular

12. What’s called a 20 sided die? 

Answer- An icosidodecahedron (And that’s exactly what it sounds like.)

13. How come pigs don’t have wings? 

Answer- Because they are too fat to fly. This is also why they have curly tails, because their tails wrinkle up to keep them warm.

14. What do you call a chicken with no legs? 

Answer- A drumstick (They don’t eat chickens anymore)

15. Why are manhole covers round? 

Answer- So water can flow easily all the way around them… oh wait, we’re not supposed to say that.

16. On a unicycle, which hand is your right hand? 

Answer- That’s a trick question! While you think about it, let’s make the answer obvious by listing all the other obvious possibilities:

17. What kind of animal lays eggs? 

Answer- A chicken (Also known as “A fowl”)

18. What color is a balloon? 

Answer- Black. 

19. What bird can fly backwards? 

Answer- A swallow.

20. Why do you have to put a period at the end of a sentence? 

Answer- Because they are called sentences, not senta-melsons.

21. How many days are there in an hour? 

Answer- Two (To be honest, we had no idea that the answer was only two.)

22. What kind of animal is an armadillo? 

Answer- A mammal (They’re related to both humans and monkeys).

23. What time is it when the big hand is on the 10 and the little hand is on the 20? 

Answer- Ten twenty.

24. What’s a camel’s favorite shape? 

Answer- A triangle.

25. What kind of animal becomes smaller when it drinks water? 

Answer- A sponge (The more water it soaks up, the more surface area increases).

26. What do you call a deer with no eyes or legs? 

Answer- No eye deer. The answer to both questions is “no eye”. (It was supposed to be “No leg deer”, but that doesn’t work. Sorry.)

27. What kind of animal is a sloth?

Answer- A mammal (Sloths live in trees). 

Which one of these riddles did you have the hardest time solving? Did one stump you for a long time? 

And let us know if there’s a really hard riddle that stumped you that we might not have considered, too! We’d love to hear from you! 

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Tell us: Which one of these riddles has you stumped? And how can we make them more tricky? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


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