Your guide to a Career in Banking and finance .


The banking and finance sector remains one of the most popular sectors and career choices among the graduates. The applications for a degree in banking and finance have gone high in the last few years. The banking and finance courses whether it be a bachelor of science in accounting and finance or a bachelor of business administration banking finance are developed keeping in mind the demand for professional training in the sector of banking and financial proceedings. The courses intend to provide the students interested in topics related to the field with adequate knowledge about the industry before they set on their professional venture.  

Now if you ask what does a degree in banking and finance offer you or what is the course all about? – the banking and finance programs focus on specific areas related to the financial climate of the current times and sometimes to future development as well. The students pursuing the course study the current happening in the industry; the past events which shaped the industry to the form it is in; the major conflicts and the response to it by financial leaders; government reforms; market dynamics etc.  

In contemporary times a degree in banking in finance is one of the most sought-after courses after computer science, medical and business studies. The course covers topics like capital market theory, valuation, derivatives, corporate finance etc. The courses are available for undergraduates, postgraduate’s both full time and distance/online. There are also special diploma courses for working professionals who would like to leverage their career prospects with better knowledge and skills in the field of finance and banking.  

What are the reasons behind thousands of students applying for a bachelor of science in accounting and finance or a bachelor of business administration banking finance? What career prospect does a postgraduate degree in banking and finance bring to you? Should you consider a course in this field? 

Here are a few reasons we would like to state to support the above questions: 

  • Fast-paced career development 

A degree in banking and finance doesn’t just offer you an assured job once you are out of college but also offers a fast-paced career development. The global business landscape is continuously changing with new developments coming up at any given moment. The professionals in this field are always on their toes, the only way one can sustain themselves in this field is by constantly developing with the industry for a highly stimulating career.  

  • Salary and other advantages 

You must be well aware of the highly paid salary structure of the professionals in these job roles. The salary is one of the primary attractions as well as a motivation why many individuals choose to take up a degree in banking and finance. Apart from the salary, the professionals in this sector are also entitled to other benefits such as private health care, sponsored international trips, subsidized travel cost, insurance etc. 

  • Long term career plan 

If you can complete a course either, master’s or Bachelor of business administration banking finance, and manage to excel at your job in any reputable company, you have made it for a long-term career plan. If you have a CV with the mention of a reputable college, a couple of years’ experiences, there you are awaited by the employers for a better and long-term career. Even if you want to move to a different industry from banking you will find an array of opportunities ahead of you.    

  • Training and professional development 

The learning about the job role doesn’t end with a degree in banking in finance. As mentioned already the global financial landscape is ever developing, hence the banks and organizations keep on conducting structured training and developmental opportunities for the employees. Also depending upon the route, you want to divert to in your career progression you can take up advanced training which is often arranged by employers.  

The banking and finance sector includes a wide range of career opportunities, while the required educational qualification may vary depending on the position. The popular job roles in the sector are investment banking, asset management, financial advisor etc. The job of a personal financial advisor has witnessed growth in recent times; hence it is not just the organizations and business but individuals who are seeking financial guidance.  

Almost all the colleges and universities now have included the masters and bachelor of business administration banking finance or a bachelor of science in accounting and finance degree, or other banking and finance diploma courses. Thus, if you are aspiring for a similar career you will not have any difficulty finding courses. However, you must apply to a reputed college as employers often prefer some institutions over others. 

If you are already working and looking for online courses in banking and finance make sure that the online degree you have applied for has a standard curriculum and is accredited. While online degrees have become a part and parcel of our lives, not all online degrees are accepted by employers. Thus, before you invest your time and money into any course make sure to scrutinize and then apply.  

If you intend to pursue a degree in banking and finance in Uganda, Cavendish university has one of the best courses. The college holds a reputed position in the higher education spectrum with several accredited courses as well as for the efficient adoption of online and distance learning modes of education which has been approved by NCHE.


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