Which is the Leading SAFe Exam?

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The SAFe agilist certification is considered to be the best possible way of helping organisations to progress by dealing with all hurdles and complexities very efficiently. With the help of definite knowledge in the world of agile software development and lean development systems, organisations can very easily grow exponentially without any kind of problem. To get a certification in this particular field people need to appear for the SAFe examination without any kind of problem so that overall goals are very easily achieved. To clear the SAFe agilist certification people need to be clear about different ways of examination systems as well as examination patterns so that policies can be perfectly implemented without any kind of issue.

 People also need to be very well prepared for the examination and depend upon the right kind of pattern systems so that there is no hassle at any point in time and overall goals are very easily achieved. 

Following are the basic things the people need to know about this exam:

  1. The format of this particular exam will be time-based, web-based and the closed book exam.
  2. The language of this particular examination format will be English
  3. The SAFe exam format will be based upon MCQ questions
  4. The number of questions will be 45 out of which 34 have to be correct to clear this examination.
  5. The time allotted to the people will be 90 minutes.

 This examination is available after the completion of the training by the SAFe community platform and one can very easily appear for the examination at the time when they want. The examination fees will be included within the registration fees for the first attempt of the candidates in the whole process. People also need to be clear about the entire process of dealing with this particular system at the cost of re-examination will be US$50. If the individuals do not clear the examination on the second attempt then people need to give the examination again and there has to be a difference of 10 days in between. If the individuals are still unable to clear the examination of the third attempt then they have to wait for 30 days before appearing again and the re-examination will not be valid for the candidates who have already scored the passing percentage which will be 76%.

 At the time of appearing in the germination people need to follow different kinds of preparation tips which are explained as:

  1. The candidate should have adequate knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects
  2. Candidates need to be clear about revision elements in the whole process to ensure relevancy
  3. People need to follow and practice last year papers
  4. People need to set the timer and comprehend the things in the given time
  5. People can always take breaks in between the study routine so that reading is never hampered and overall goals are easily achieved.

 Hence, being clear about all these kinds of technical points associated with the leading SAFe exam is vital for people to ensure success in the long run. Understanding the basic format carefully is vital to clear the examination successfully. 


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